Travel & Tourism 2023

LUXlife in the Travel and Tourism Awards. In the coming year, the company is planning to deliver a 39-metre sailing yacht to a client just before the peak season. It also has four other ongoing projects, including a 66-metre tri-deck motor yacht, two 37-metre motor yachts, and a 26-metre Aegean Explorer, all steel and aluminium. Contact: Nihan Deniz Company: AEGEAN YACHT Web Address: motorboats over the years, gaining experience and earning respect for its outstanding quality of production. With high demand for yacht chartering in the market, AEGEAN YACHT has built yachts for 30 years, specialising in custom steel and aluminium yachts meeting the specific requirements of the buyer. Catering to experienced yachters, AEGEAN YACHT understands that its customers want unique, simple to operate, practical, and seaworthy yachts. Building strong yachts with modern hulls, superstructures, and superb sailing performances, ranging from 24 to 66 metres, the company prides itself on its ability to deliver complete satisfaction to every customer it serves. AEGEAN YACHT offers technically superior yacht building services as well as value for money, making it a leader in its industry. AEGEAN YACHT is one of the most integrated yacht companies in Turkey, with an extensive international network. With an experienced sales team, the company purchases, sells, charters, and manages a substantial number of yachts, which have been exported to many countries including the Caribbean Islands, Egypt, Thailand, Maldives, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and Russia. Apart from those belonging to its own fleet, AEGEAN YACHT also manages the yachts of other companies and individuals, marketing their services through domestic and foreign tour operators and travel agencies as well as direct marketing. Furthermore, at its sizable 40,000m² seafront boatyard in Bodrum, the company also offers extensive yacht refitting, brokerage and repair services. Its expert technical staff with specialised skills deal with a range of requests, from small service calls to substantial refits. Many of the staff at AEGEAN YACHT have worked for the company for over 25 years, meaning there is a very friendly and communicative atmosphere in the boatyard. The team’s dedication and love for their job is reflected in the quality of their work, contributing to the excellent services provided by AEGEAN YACHT. As a result of its unparalleled yacht building services and its dedication to customer satisfaction, AEGEAN YACHT has won the “Best Seafront Yacht Building and Services Provider, Turkey”, by