Travel & Tourism 2023

8 | LUXlife Magazine - Travel & Tourism Awards 2023 quipped with a team focused on appreciating everything Mother Nature has to offer, Watervale Hotel has already managed to define itself as a restaurant beyond deserving of its awardwinning status. And with its star-studded selection of dining options, it quickly becomes clear how Watervale Hotel has managed to garner such a resolute reputation. Thanks to the brilliant minds of Restaurant and Catering Association’s South Australian Chef of the Year, Nicola Palmer, and Warrick Duthy, Watervale Hotel has a plethora of experiences to present to you, all whilst maintaining its eco-friendly ethics. Since its reopening in September 2020, Watervale Hotel quickly became renowned in the area, and has gone on to earn 20 industry awards in the short time since reopening. Included in the long list of awards are the most notable Best Restaurant in a Pub or Club in Australia (Restaurant and Catering Association), Best wine list in a Pub Restaurant in Australia (Australian Wine List of the Year), Best Environmental and Sustainability Practices in Australia (Australian Hotels Association) and Best Tourism Restaurant, and Excellence in Food Tourism (Tourism Industry Council of South Australia). So, before you’ve even visited Watervale Hotel, you can already see why they’ve attained such a glittering reputation. At its core, Watervale Hotel is a restaurant and hotel with all produce sourced either from its own farm, or from local providers who share the same core values that the team at Watervale Hotel does. With a stern focus on ensuring that every meal you order is composed of ethically sourced ingredients, Watervale Hotel has managed what most would deem as impossible. Not only has the team managed to understand how to fully utilise the wonders that nature has provided us with, but how to unlock the true potential behind the hidden gems of the earth that most wouldn’t be able to utilise. What’s more, Watervale Hotel has a wide variety of different dining options for any patron, each as unique as the next. However, its most popular package is its Six Senses Penobscot Farm Tour and Six Course Degustation Dinner, with a variant that also includes matched wine or mocktails, depending on your fancy. With this experience, you’re able to tour the wonderful Penobscot Farm, so you can see for yourself where the food on your plate originates from. Once you’ve learned the vast history of this fascinating farm, you’ll proceed to dine on a six course Degustation Dinner, filled to the brim with ingredients largely grown on the farm you’ve just toured. And, at a very reasonable price indeed, it’s difficult to reject Watervale Hotel’s enticing offer. Additionally, if you’re wanting to add to your experience, then why not stay overnight with the brilliant team? This way, you can enjoy the surrounding area by day, and sleep off your marvellous meal by night. Watervale Hotel has everything that you could possibly need in order to make the most out of the time you spend there. Whether you’re wanting to stay for one night, or add several extra days to your itinerary, there’s no better place Best Culinary Experience Hotel - Australia A truly delectable dining experience is often hard to come by. And, most times, you aren’t sure if the food you’re being served has been sourced ethically, or even if it’s fresh at all. It can lead to a worry that your cuisine is comprised of preservatives and artificial flavours that, quite frankly, nobody wants to be putting into their bodies. Thankfully, Watervale Hotel, situated in Watervale, Australia, offers a menu that’s both vast, and completely natural. With a combination of farm-grown and locally sourced ingredients for all of its dishes, Watervale Hotel presents you with a guarantee that every tiny piece of food on your plate has come from a place of love. to do so than with Watervale Hotel. That way, you can dine on whatever you desire, and never feel as though you’ve missed out on any of the gorgeous gourmet food Watervale Hotel provides. And, even then, you’ll leave wishing you could come back for more. Thankfully, with its professionally taught cooking masterclasses, you may be able to take a slice of Watervale Hotel back with you. Led by expert chefs, each eager to share their skillsets and talents with anyone who may be interested, you’ll learn how the incredible team at Watervale Hotel constructs your cuisine. Even if you believe you have no cooking prowess, the team will be on-hand to guide you through their processes in a way that’s easy to understand and fun to be a part of. But, if you truly don’t believe cooking is for you, perhaps Watervale Hotel’s Clare Valley Wine Masterclasses may be more suited to your style. With an in-depth demonstration using wine carefully selected from sommelier Warrick’s wine list, you’ll be able to learn the ins and outs of what goes into concocting these beautiful beverages. And with an extensive insight into Clare Valley, you’ll come to understand what makes the wines offered by Watervale Hotel so truly special. However, if you’re wanting to experience a more intense, gripping dining venture, then Watervale Hotel has the perfect option for you. With its dazzling kitchen smoothly transitioning into the quaint beer garden, Watervale Hotel’s ‘Fires of Hell’ Argentinian-style BBQ is the perfect way to watch a true master at work. Inspired by the concept of cooking with fire, the ‘Fires of Hell’ BBQ brings a whole new elevated experience to the delicious dining available to you. This way, regardless of the season, so long as the weather is beautiful, you’ll be able to enjoy the splendid selection the ‘Fires of Hell’ provides. As one of the oldest hotels in its region, Watervale Hotel has a rich history just waiting to be explored. And, however you decide to explore it, the staff are more than eager to share the background of their gorgeous location with you. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to both culinary and educational opportunities, making Watervale Hotel a truly unique business that sets itself apart from other restaurants in the area. With a promise that everything it produces must be healthy for the planet, and should lead to the appreciation of the natural world and all it has to offer, Watervale Hotel has established itself as a combination of both restaurant and hotel that truly shines as a gem amongst the others. Valuing your experience as highly as it values utilising and caring for the land it’s situated on is what makes Watervale Hotel truly special. And this driving love for the craft of cooking will guarantee that you have a culinary experience unlike any other. Contact: Nicola Palmer Company: Watervale Hotel Web Address: E