Travel & Tourism Awards 2024

36 | LUXlife Magazine Nestled in the tranquil Swiss Alps, the Villars Alpine Resort (VAR) group, comprising the Villars Palace, Chalet RoyAlp Hôtel & Spa, Victoria Hotel & Residence, and Villars Lodge, epitomizes the fusion of luxury and Swiss hospitality. With a total of 411 rooms and suites, elegant dining options, and a plethora of events, these hotels offer a unique Alpine experience, deeply rooted in the rich Swiss culture and breathtaking Villars scenery. A centerpiece of cultural vibrancy and lifestyle enrichment, the Villars Palace stands as a dynamic hub for a myriad of events, attracting both local and international audiences. Embracing its role as a cultural beacon, the Villars Palace, along with the other hotels of the VAR, regularly hosts an array of artistic and entertainment events, including enchanting concerts, captivating shows, laughter-filled comedy nights, exclusive movie screenings, vibrant festivals, and thought-provoking exhibits. Its commitment to cultural engagement positions it uniquely within the resort, aiming to continually offer diverse and resonant experiences. This focus on cultural and lifestyle enrichment not only boosts the VillarsGryon-Diablerets region's profile but also its appeal as a top destination for cultural encounters, aligning with the Villars Alpine Resort group's long-term success and vision. Jean-Yves Blatt, the group's Managing Director, emphasizes their vision of blending lifestyle, culture, and sustainable development to redefine hotel industry standards. The VAR group is committed to showcasing initiatives like local sourcing under Executive Chef Christian Bertogna, aiming to not only provide culinary excellence but also to promote sustainable tourism practices. This approach allows guests to connect with local heritage, encouraging a sustainable lifestyle beyond their stay. Looking ahead to 2024, the VAR group plans to enhance its lifestyle offerings, integrating eco-conscious practices and programs that promote well-being and personal growth. The VAR group is dedicated to creating meaningful experiences, enabling guests to become agents of change. This commitment extends to their staff, fostering an environment of personalized and thoughtful service, deeply ingrained in Swiss tradition. These initiatives, coupled with the group's dedication to sustainability and luxury, have earned them accolades such as Best Mountain Hotel 2024 and Alpine Experience of the Year 2024 in the Canton of Vaud. The VAR group's blend of unparalleled luxury, commitment to sustainability, and cultural enrichment, set against the stunning backdrop of the Swiss Alps, makes it a premier destination for those seeking an extraordinary Alpine experience. Best Mountain Hotel 2024 – Canton of Vaud & Alpine Experience of the Year 2024 –Canton of Vaud The Villars Alpine Resort is a wonderful collection of hotels which promise, and deliver, sumptuous experiences whether it is culinary, relaxing or culturally wise while offering exceptional services. Let's dive deeper into what Villars Alpine Resort has to offer as we highlight its success in our Travel and Tourism Awards 2024. Villars Alpine Resort