Travel & Tourism Awards 2024

40 | LUXlife Magazine rior to embarking on this venture in the travel industry, Kimberly Davis had careers as both a cultural anthropologist and a mental healthcare consultant/coach. Through these two previous roles, it is clear to see how she made the link that caused the spark which would ignite to become Trouvaille Travel, and how the two fields of humanity and culture are mutually beneficial and intrinsically connected. Incredibly well travelled herself, Kimberly has stayed everywhere from hotels that cost just a few dollars per night and are riddled with bedbugs, through to luxury suites at a rate of more than $5000 per night and come complete with butlers. It would be fair to say that she usually prefers the latter. Having hiked across the Andes, swam with sharks in Belize, cooked local cuisine in Sri Lanka, and even been blessed by monks in Cambodia, is there anybody better suited to planning a bespoke and exemplary vacation than a person who has nearly seen and done it all themselves? Across all of her experiences, the common thread for Kimberly has been the joy of the curiosity, compassion, and fearlessness, which she believes has, “allowed me to discover a whole other side to myself and the world that I often did not anticipate.” On the back of such experiences, Kimberly excels in designing seamless and responsible worldwide travel experiences for her global client base, many of whom are avid explorers like her. Aiding Kimberly in this distinction is a series of qualifications that highlight her exemplary practice, with her being a Virtuoso Certified Travel Advisor, a Travel Institute Certified Travel Associate, a Certified Transformational Travel Designer, as well as a Certified Cruise Counsellor. Moreover, her brand’s affiliation with Brownell Travel, one of the United States’ oldest and most acclaimed travel agents, has resulted in Trouvaille Travel being celebrated as one of Forbes’ first Travel Guide Endorsed Agencies. With such accolades and her previous experiences to boot, Kimberly’s forte is truly listening to clients and helping them to craft a tailored travel itinerary that matches their personality and interests. Another instrumental factor for Kimberly is ensuring that the travel opportunities she provides benefit the communities that are being explored. Thus, cultural awareness and empathy are the two defining factors of her service, and elaborating more on this, she explains, “that can mean understanding how to resolve a traveller’s anxiety about going to a new destination, making sure that they know how to best navigate each culture, or finding the exact right properties that can cater to their individual desires or needs.” To achieve this, Kimberly tells us, “there are no Best Solo Travel Advisory Firm 2024 - Southeast USA Trouvaille Travel is a luxury travel agency that caters specifically to those who are seeking something more from their travels, namely luxurious, extraordinary experiences. Founded by Kimberly Davis, who works mostly alone but always has her trusted travel advisor colleagues at the renowned Brownell Travel for help and support, Kimberly established the business having recognised the innate connection between humanity and culture, experiencing first-hand the personal and global awareness that stems from travel, whereby individuals are pushed out of their comfort zones and foster experiences that are both transformative and empowering. dumb questions, nor any request that is off limits. Luxury is about making travel personal, and that is our primary goal for each of our clients.” Across the current travel scene, overtourism is becomingly an increasingly big problem, and while the pandemic did have the side effect of curbing visitors to the most popular global landmarks, the few years since have seen a return to almost pre-pandemic levels, which in turn creates issues for not only clients, but the destinations also. With such challenges come opportunities, and Kimberly believes this to be the perfect opportunity for some of the more under-the-radar luxury locations to shine, which not only provide unique experiences, but have considerably less crowds and help to strengthen local economies. Regarding 2024, Kimberly tells us this year is set to hold, “massive growth in wellness travel, which is a particular specialty of mine. Whether retreats, medical spas, or wellness resorts, I can help clients find the right path to destress, reconnect, or immerse in a world of self-care.” One particular area of focus for the next 12 months is South/South East Asia, which is an area that is one of the best places to travel, and one which Kimberly wishes to share with others through Trouvaille Travel, explaining in closing, “it’s time to look further afield for some of the best hospitality in the world.” Contact: Kimberly Davis Company: Trouvaille Travel Web Address: P