Travel & Tourism Awards 2024

Travel & Tourism Awards 2024 | 43 Located in the picturesque Rocky Mountains, Glenwood Springs is a vibrant city of eclectic attractions and incredible outdoor recreation. As the contracted destination marketing and management organisation for the City of Glenwood Springs, Visit Glenwood Springs provides the city with responsible marketing to promote the local economy, enhance residents’ quality of life, and protect the area’s natural resources. Recognised in the Travel and Tourism Awards, Glenwood Springs is an captivating location that offers endless fun and excitement for travellers. Best Destination Marketing & Management Organization 2024 - Colorado offer miles of multi-use trail, perfect for those on foot, bikes, or horseback. Hiking to the beautiful Hanging Lake, a Colorado treasure, is a highlight for visitors with exceptional views of the lake and dazzling waterfall. Hikers must purchase a reservation in advance to experience this challenging but rewarding backcountry hike. A shorter trail to Doc Holliday’s memorial provides visitors with a snapshot of Old West history. John Henry ‘Doc’ Holliday, Glenwood Springs’ most famous gunslinger, is an American legend and a trip to the town would be incomplete without trekking to this historic landmark. With 73 years of combined experience in tourism, marketing, and public relations, Lisa Langer, Director of Tourism and Heidi Pankow, Tourism Project Manager, are the team behind Glenwood Springs’ management and marketing. Visit Glenwood Springs has been involved with two major industry collaborations including the Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop and the Roaring Fork Valley Destination Alliance. Lisa and Heidi actively participate in state boards and commissions such as the Colorado Association of Destination Marketing Organisations among others. Lisa says, “Visit Glenwood Springs works in a nimble and flexible style that allows us to shift our resources and messages when necessary. We have faced wildfire, weather, and other natural disaster events in recent years. While we do not anticipate natural disasters or other challenges, we are committed to excellence in all we do. Visit Glenwood Springs is an active partner with the Colorado Tourism Office’s Destination Stewardship Coalition and Inclusivity in Tourism Coalition and will be implementing new stewardship and DEIA strategies beginning in 2024. The Glenwood Springs Visitor Center is receiving a refresh this spring and the ‘Do Colorado Right’ responsible visitor messages will be prominently featured in the visual elements.” Looking to the future, Visit Glenwood Springs will soon unveil a digital wayfinding platform that will showcase walkable routes around the city to encourage care-free visitation. The proactive organisation is dedicated to protecting the natural environment and managing the reservation system for the Hanging Lake Trail to prevent over-visitation. Over the coming years, the Hanging Lake Trail will be undergoing a rebuild as the area has recently been damaged by mud slides. The Visit Glenwood Springs team is passionate about promoting the beauty and vibrant community of the city to encourage responsible tourism that will benefit the local economy. From rejuvenating hot springs and water activities to rambling trails and thriving local businesses, Glenwood Springs is an unmissable destination for adventurous travellers. Recognised as this year’s Best Destination Marketing & Management Organisation – Colorado, Visit Glenwood Springs remains steadfast in its mission to support the local community while improving the lives of residents and protecting natural resources. Contact: Lisa Langer Company: Visit Glenwood Springs Web Address: lenwood Springs is a mecca of outdoor fun, home to the world’s largest hot springs pool and 32 therapeutic mineral springs pools and historic vapour caves. The town has earnt the name ‘The Land of Water’ for its immersive water activities and three hot springs attractions. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is a family-friendly resort featuring the Sopris Splash Zone, complete with a thrilling adventure river tube ride. Iron Mountain Hot Springs and the new 21-plus WorldSprings expansion offers visitors revitalising geothermal and inspired mineral springs pools with unparalleled river views. For those who prefer steam baths, Yampah Spa Vapor Caves utilises the geothermal mineral waters to provide therapeutic steaming experiences designed to detox the body and enhance relaxation. Situated at the mouth of the Roaring Fork Valley, Glenwood Springs is an oasis of water where hot springs meet pristine rivers that have carved out vast caves ready for exploration. From white-water rafting and kayaking to excellent fishing, the Colorado river offers many popular water activities for the whole family to enjoy. Local rafting guides provide visitors with guided trips while skilled rafters can embark on their own river adventures. Glenwood Springs is also renowned for its fly fishing with the Roaring Fork Valley being Colorado’s longest stretch of designated Gold Metal Water. In addition to numerous water activities, visitors can explore a hub of outdoor recreation, vibrant dining experiences, boutique shopping, and museums. Rich in history and culture, Glenwood Springs offers visitors endless unique adventures to make their experience truly once in a lifetime. Glenwood Springs is renowned for its many hot springs spots, hiking, and biking trails. The Rio Grande Trail and Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path G