Travel & Tourism Awards 2024

Travel & Tourism Awards 2024 | 61 Best Wine Tourism Provider 2024 - Europe At Winery Vacation, travellers will discover unique stays in beautiful wineries and charming vineyards in the best wine regions in the world. Seamlessly blending youthful energy with ancient wine traditions, Winery Vacation allows visitors to experience Europe’s wine culture first-hand. Guests will taste premium wines straight from the barrel and discover the secrets of winemaking from the best winemakers in the region. Recognised in this year’s Travel and Tourism Award, Winery Vacation invites travellers to experience adventure and nurture a passion for wine that will last a lifetime. Whether guests prefer the warmth of the Tuscan sun or the scenic slopes of Moselle, Winery Vacation has many exclusive locations for travellers to discover. Its carefully curated wine hotels are much more than accommodation, they open doors to magical experiences and encourage guests to immerse themselves in the region’s rich culture and history. Winery Vacation strives to guide visitors through the best wine regions in Europe, including the Moselle, the Palatinate, South Tyrol, and Styria. Each destination is renowned for its stunning vineyards and magnificent selection of wines. The Moselle Valley is acclaimed for its exceptional Rieslings, while Styria is renowned for producing a small quantity of refreshing Steiermark. With Winery Vacation’s user-friendly platform, booking a vineyard or wine hotel has never been easier. With over 120 beautiful locations to choose from, guests can find the perfect destination to meet their unique needs and desires. From prosecco events that celebrate its ancient roots to yoga retreats that relieve everyday stress, Winery Vacation curates incredible experiences designed to bring travellers together. For individuals of any age, its wine journeys invigorate the senses and breathe new life into guests’ getaway experiences. Marco Böhm, Founder and CEO, says, “Our idea was born out of a frustrating search for a way to spend the night in a winery on the Moselle. I found no overview of the most beautiful wineries with overnight stays and no option to get inspired for my next holiday on the Moselle. That's why we founded Winery Vacation, to show all the beautiful wineries and wine hotels not only on the Moselle but consolidated throughout Europe at a glance. The more we dealt with the topic of traveling to the winery, the more we also found passion for finding the most beautiful wineries and wine hotels in Germany, Austria, and Italy. Winery Vacation offers just a small selection of the many breathtaking regions and natural landscapes available.” The Winery Vacation team are a key factor in the business’s success with their boundless creativity shaping the outstanding experiences on offer. Its team of young creatives are avid travellers and wine enthusiasts, dedicated to crafting transformative journeys that excite customers. With their vital support, Winery Vacation can continue to evolve its experiences and meet the challenges of a competitive market. In recent years, the travel industry has witnessed rising prices as well as a focus on sustainable tourism. Winery Vacation is passionate about showcasing the many wonderful accommodations and experiences available in Europe, advocating for responsible travel, and supporting local businesses in its communities. Digitalisation in the industry has also been a challenge due to the growing number of digital solutions being overwhelming for customers. Winery Vacation aims to provide a streamlined solution by handpicking only the best wineries and wine hotels for their exciting trips. Its easy to navigate website strives to simplify the process with hotels categorised by either region or theme, to help visitors find the perfect accommodation for their overnight stay. Jan24786 Over the coming year, Winery Vacation will extend its business to France and Spain in order to cover all of Europe’s biggest wine countries. Towards the end of 2024, the company will begin exploring the rich history of South Africa, where Dutch settlers planted the first vines in the early 17th century. With its flawless blend of new experiences and old traditions, Winery Vacation is dedicated to offering authentic escapes to wineries and vineyards across Europe and providing travellers with once-in-a-lifetime tasting experiences. With its extensive selection of luxurious accommodation and unique tours, guests can immerse themselves in culture, forge long-lasting friendships, and celebrate their shared passion for wine. For its idyllic getaways, we have bestowed on Winery Vacation this year’s award for Best Wine Tourism Provider – Europe. Contact Details Contact: Marco Boehm Company: Winery Vacation Web Address: