Winter 2019

13 When a child becomes sick it is natural for parents to worry about the accuracy of the medication, especially in the middle of the night. Experiencing these worries herself, Medi-Redi founder Sarah Smith created this year’s best device for children’s safety. Discover more about Medi-Redi the portable, programmable children’s medicine storage solution, as we examine the device in more detail. Founded in 2014, Medi-Redi is a well-thought out solution to administering medication to a sick child. Sarah Smith experienced undue worry when her children became sick, often concerned about the dosage sizes administered in the middle of the night or when sharing childcare. Recognising that all children require medication occasionally, Sarah took matters into her own hands and designed Medi-Redi the portable, programmable children’s medicine storage. All children become ill as part of their immune system development, and so making their recovery process easier is paramount to ensure the comfort of the child during a distressing time. However, little available help existed to ensure medicine giving was done accurately. Sarah began to talk with parents, grandparents, childminders, health visitors, doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals to find out how something could be done about it. Thus, the Medi-Redi storage timer was born. Through six key features, the Medi-Redi storage timer has quickly become a must-have for parents who have to juggle very busy lives whilst taking care of their children. With responsibility, safety, accuracy, memory, portability and programmability, this device helps parents or carers administer medicine to their sick children. The Medi-Redi storage timer prevents unwanted mistakes with a child’s health and assures their recovery is well-organised, easy to understand, convenient and secure. The Medi-Redi storage timer represents an accurate, safe and reliable solution for dispensing medication for the best recovery outcome. The portable container is child-proof, guaranteeing safety, and with a built-in memory the device accurately reminds parents when the next medicine dose can be given. Too much medicine is dangerous, and often occurs through double-dosing to make up for a missed dose, but this innovative piece of technology eliminates the need for this. Medi-Redi Mitigates Medicinal Malpractice On the other hand, too little medicine due to forgetfulness or a busy schedule can unnecessarily prolong a child’s suffering and draw out the recovery process. The portability and history-keeping properties of the Medi-Redi storage timer is designed for sharing medication between carers in a responsible way. Children get the correct dose on time, every time and anywhere, as the device keeps a checkable dispensing history for any adult to use and immediately understand what medication the child has taken and when. Sarah and her team at Medi-Redi are all dedicated and passionate about delivering on their brand promise of being the hero for responsible families everywhere. Saving children from dangerous and haphazard medicine giving, the firm’s ultimate goal is to generate a better health outcome for children, by parents and carers everywhere. As well as taking care of the most vulnerable in society, Sarah and her Medi-Redi storage timer device are also working hard to support local businesses and factories in the United Kingdom. Keen on quality, each Medi-Redi storage timer device is designed and manufactured in the UK, and this is only the first in a range of products that the firm are planning to offer beyond 2019. More growth means more opportunities for design and manufacturing across the country. For new parents, keeping on top of everything can be somewhat overwhelming, but Sarah and her team have developed a solution that is perfect for families in ensuring that the health of a child is never compromised. Fast becoming a favourite with the best-organised mums, the Medi-Redi storage timer is simply essential for any parent or carer. Contact: Sarah Smith Website: Sep19400