Winter 2019

14 Based in Washington D.C., Architextual is a small, boutique design firm that is focused on delivering quality design, technical documentation, and project execution to a varied clientele, ranging from single-family property owners to largescale developers. On the back of the firm’s success in the 2019 Leading Designers program we spoke with Catarina Ferreira, Principal, to find out more about their work and expertise. Looking Beyond the Visual Veil Aug19245 Architects all over the world have long celebrated a certain diversity of thought when it comes to best practices. Indeed, this very diversity has led to a thriving industry that is defined by innovation and creativity, rather than hemmed into certain styles, techniques, approaches or methodology. Where some focus on the equilibrium between form and function – often blurring the lines between the two – and others flourish and experiment in timeless style, Architextual has found their niche in understanding a rather simple cornerstone: architecture shouldn’t be about visual appeal. “Of course, we want the building to be beautiful, but honestly that’s the easy part and not what we start with as a goal. Architecture is about much more than appearance, at least it should be if we want the discipline and its professionals to be taken seriously. It needs to make a positive Photograoher: Michael K Wilkinson