Winter 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 37 Winter 2019 villa, you can receive a menu designed to meet your dietary requirements and deepest desires. The professional chefs of All Greek Villas are incredibly skilled in all manner of international cuisines. Dishes are served on request wherever you want, so you can eat in the dining area or by the pool. The full Greek island experience can be had from within the comfort of your own villa. If wishing to celebrate a special evening, fully catered dinners with sophisticated table setting, unique menu and specialised staff can be provided. Naturally all dishes are made with the finest of ingredients and sourced by local producers. If this doesn’t tickle your taste buds, All Greek Villas also offer a private beach BBQ with a private chef and server around to serve dishes as you wish. Imagine your feet pushing into the sand as the sun drops beneath the horizon, warmed by the day you’ve had and the food that is yet to come, as it sizzles tantalisingly on the barbeque. What would you do if you could have everything you ever wanted or wished for? That’s the question at the heart of All Greek Villas. Taking their intention of offering ‘International standards with local Intel in the art of holiday planning,’ there’s not much they aren’t doing to ensure that that is the case. There’s something very special about All Greek Villas. It opens the doors of possibility and gives its clients total freedom to create whatever it wants against the gorgeous backdrop of Greece. Offering an incredible range of personalised services, it seems a guarantee of something special, something unique and something that cannot be repeated. The only problem with an All Greek Villas holiday is that it has to come to an end. At least, until the next time… Contact: Nikos Anastasopoulos Company: All Greek Villas Website: