Winter 2019

36 Oct19188 LuxuryVillas without Compromise What would you do if you could have everything you ever wanted or wished for? That’s the question at the heart of All Greek Villas. How do they manage that? We took a closer look to find out… Offering a service that is truly bespoke, All Greek Villas are devoted to providing a service that gives their clients ‘international standards with local Intel in the art of holiday planning’. To them, your holiday should not be a great strain, but a chance to truly put your feet up and embrace a life of luxury. The people of All Greek Villas will provide a break that is thoroughly tailored to you. Focused on developing a deep understanding of their clients’ needs and expectations, their likes and dislikes, they use their intimate knowledge of the local area to craft an experience that takes all these aspects and makes something unique. This attention to detail means they can ensure that every single aspect of the holiday that follows not only meets but exceeds those expectations. All Greek Villas provide a personal concierge to provide premium support to all guests. This ensures their guests enjoy the perfect stay at their private villa, with easy access to anything they need. To All Greek Villas, a highly personalised and responsive concierge service provides the best experience to treasured guests. They will handle all aspects of your holiday that you need them to. From booking restaurants to confirming tables at the most exclusive of beach clubs to organising reservations for helicopters or yachts, there is no limit to what can be arranged or how far they are willing to go for their clients. With offices in Athens and Mykonos, and seventeen gorgeous locations to choose from, there are plenty of options for holiday locales. Supported by an extensive portfolio filled with luxurious villas throughout Greece, many of which are located in Mykonos. Each location and villa brings its own charms and appeal, with something to suit even the most discerning holiday-goer. From the spectacular beaches of Kefalonia to the distinctive and mystical charm of Crete’s diverse landscape, All Greek Villas will have something to fulfil your wildest dreams. Their trustworthy local holiday experts, whom you can count on each and every time, are always on hand to give an insider’s perspective on these fascinating islands. For those looking for a special event, All Greek Villas have things covered. Offering a full service of event design, and determined to create something unforgettable, there is nothing they can’t handle. Their team of talented professionals work hand in hand with clients to bring events to life. Handling everything from conferences to social events, they will organise the event of your dreams. A specialty of All Greek Villas is in the arena of weddings and uses all the skills behind hosting a truly special event to create for their clients the perfect special day. Whether it’s a beach wedding on golden sands, a small chapel with unspoilt green vistas or a thoroughly modern villa, nestled in the lap of luxury, you can be sure that every need will be catered for. Under the stewardship of All Greek Villas, your wildest dreams can come true. Your wedding reception too, can be accommodated. Private yachts, beach restaurants and traditional wineries have been popular choices historically, and All Greek Villas have been on hand to ensure that everything from the largest concept to the smallest detail is perfectly executed. For those looking for something a little different on their holiday, an unforgettable experience can be found in a heli-tour of Mykonos. The opportunity to discover all the hidden spots missed from the air, to see all the best beaches on the island and endless blue of the Aegean Sea must surely tempt all it is offered. Also available is the chance to day trip to the Cylades Islands. This offers up the chance to get away from the indulgences of the luxury villas, replacing it with sandy beaches, crystal waters and the taste of local delicacies such as louza in traditional taverns. If the skies don’t take your fancy, there is always the breath-taking coastline to explore, wandering the clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Collaborating with yacht charter companies, there are a range of different packages on offer to suit whatever you decide to do. No request is too big or small, whether you want a day aboard to soak up the sun or to dive into the deep waters, if you want to sail privately or celebrate a special occasion, it’s child’s play for All Greek Villas to create the ambience that matches your request, set against the backdrop of idyllic beaches, lush landscapes and an eternal blue sea. Not to be forgotten at the culinary delights on offer from the in-house and personalised chef services. From the intimacy of your own