Winter 2019

Perfection Through A Dedication to the Smallest of Details Dettaglio Interior Design is an award-winning design boutique firm, focused on meticulous attention to detail, excellent communication and teamwork with all parties involved in the project. Truly hearing what each client desires in their own unique home is imperative for this firm to create a dream home based on taste and personality. See why they are one of 2019’s leading designers as we profile the company. Meaning “details” in Italian, Dettaglio expertly combines the sophistication of stylish interior design with a warm, human touch when dealing with customers. With an acute attention to detail that is sure to leave customers satisfied, this interior design firm deliver high-quality design that is tailored to each individual client’s taste and personality. Rather than focus on one style and design, Dettaglio pride themselves on adapting to each client’s requirements uniquely. Expertly blending form, function, colour, texture, symmetry and balance, the firm listen to their clients and create their dream homes based on the client’s lifestyle. Clients can request any style they like, from contemporary to old European, from beach houses to urban lodges. Ensuring that each home is designed with intimate detail, the team at Dettaglio strive to make each home distinct and unique. Surfaces can be made to be sleek and stylish, or rustic and homely, depending on the clients preferences. Clients are always made to feel like they are listened to, with their aesthetic preferences being at the forefront of any and all work completed. Whilst the team at Dettaglio listen to their clients, they also maintain the levels of pro-activity throughout the construction process, constantly being aware of the clients budget. Plans are altered and decisions are made with swift judgment to ensure that everything runs smoothly, creating a pleasurable experience for the customer during what is inevitably a stressful time. The team at Dettaglio is made up of professionally trained and academically recognised individuals who are proven in the field of interior design. When working with the firm, the team can be as involved as the client would prefer, ranging from assisting clients in their selections to turnkey operations. As well as being trained in interior design, founder Jeni Robinson is also trained as an architect, able to offer sound advice about the structural integrity of any ongoing projects. Fundamentally, through their ability to transform the most mundane of homes into bright, vibrant living spaces, Dettaglio Interior Design have proven their phenomenal success in creating timeless, sophisticated dream homes for clients, whatever the request. The team have cultivated a reputation as excellent partners in any venture, with their breadth of knowledge and experience invaluable when designing the home of your dreams. Company: Dettaglio Interior Design Contact: Jeni Robinson Website: 1810LU26