Winter 2019

46 Hard Rock Hotels Hospitality’s best kept secret One of the most recognisable brands in the world, Hard Rock International, offers a truly unique experience in the world of hotels and hospitality. Now nearly fifty years since its inception, still going strong and still dedicated to finding its own rhythm, we took a closer look at how they have established an indelible legacy in the industry. Founded in 1971 by Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, Hard Rock International has grown to become a worldwide brand spanning 75 countries, 30 hotels and 11 casinos. Recognised internationally as a world-class entertainment and lifestyle brand, Hard Rock Hotels offer stylish and contemporary design, unparalleled service and the golden thread that unites them all – music. Music, ultimately, is at the heart of what Hard Rock offers, being a universal language that binds different cultures and people together. Now utilising its immense portfolio of properties in different locations over the world, Hard Rock Hotels has adapted over time to meet the needs of the people who come to them, adapting constantly to the distinctive needs of today’s cosmopolitan, modern travellers and making an environment that allows them to hear the music. With music memorabilia decorating the walls, adaptations to match each locale, and an appreciation and love for all music no matter how niche, Hard Rock Hotels delivers a service for its customers that speaks a universal language and engages passionately on that level. Dedicated to providing the highest possible service to its clients, Hard Rock is not just a place to stay, it’s an experience in and of itself. By embracing the character and culture of each destination with the energy and enthusiasm only found at Hard Rock, each hotel offers innovative amenities, signature brand programs and elevated customer service. No Hard Rock Hotel is like another, each boasting exceptional staff that never fail to roll out the red carpet for guests. Trained to the highest standards with a three-day immersion in the Hard Rock life, daily briefings ensure that everyone is on the same page for the day ahead, ready to serve customers in that uniquely Hard Rock way. To help achieve this, each hotel has a VIBE Manager – VIBE standing for Visionary Individual Behind Energy. They are employed to curate the hotel’s atmosphere and ensure that all aspects of guests’ stay, from music to lighting to décor to entertainment, each flow together to create that special feeling of living the Hard Rock Hotel life. Determinedly carving its own path, Hard Rock is a haven for those who crave an authentic experience and follow a different beat. Not just paying lip service to the concept that made it great in the first place, the appreciation and love of music permeates every aspect of the business. It’s the factor that binds the brand together while making it utterly different from anything else in the industry. Right from its beginnings in the first London cafe where Eric Clapton donated his guitar to the owners, this appreciation had led to one of the largest collections of musical memorabilia in the world. On display across the world, over 83,000 pieces of memorabilia can be seen, including historic handwritten Beatles lyrics, Elvis’ gold piano and items from modern musicians like Taylor Swift and Rihanna. Aside from the impressive memorabilia collection, Hard Rock Hotels’ brand programs are rooted in music. The Sound of Your Stay® exemplifies this, offering a complimentary all-encompassing music amenity program that gives guests access to three amped up options: Wax®, Picks®, and Tracks®. Wax® offers guests the opportunity to tune in to the magic of vinyl and experience music as it was intended to be listened to. Hard Rock amplifies the in-room listening experience with a Crosley turntable delivered to the room along with a carefully curated collection of iconic records specially chosen by Hard Rock’s knowledgeable team of music experts. Guests can find their groove at their own leisure. Picks® invites guests to channel their inner Santana or Clapton, with a Fender guitar delivered straight to their room for instant rock star access. These include legendary Stratocasters, classic Telecasters and bass guitars for those looking to throw down a funky baseline. Guitars come complete with a Fender amp and a pair of headphones, to ensure maximum sound and zero noise complaints during jam sessions. Tracks® is the third option of the offer with a free music download and streaming program, hotel guests receive a code to a specially curated playlist, featuring tracks from emerging artists from across the globe. Those looking to treat themselves can head on down to the Rock Spa®, which offers Rhythm & Motion® - the world’s first fully immersive music-centric spa menu, utilizing amplified vibrations, pressures and patterns, as the foundation of its treatments. This innovative experience takes guests on a voyage of rhythmic massage. Bass vibrations rumble from the massage table, while treble beats come from above sending pulses through the body. Transcending current spa rituals, each treatment uses the healing power of music with the artistry of massage therapy. Similarly, Rock Om® delivers a customised yoga experience to guests that they don’t even have to leave their own rooms for. With three videos led by renowned producer, musical director and Sep19424 "Music, ultimately, is at the heart of what Hard Rock offers” "Transcending current spa rituals, each treatment uses the healing power of music”