Winter 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 69 Winter 2019 Dotted throughout the exquisite golf course of Sta. Elena are equally luxurious residential areas. Property lots are clustered together in intimate enclaves within and around the 27-hole golf course, guaranteeing security and privacy from the outside world. Children and families are also welcome to enjoy the Fun Farm, an outdoor exploration area of farmland with a playground where visitors have access to animals and the natural world. Offering party and picnic areas, pockets of natural playgrounds, a small lagoon, a gigantic sandbox, animal feeding stations, horse stables, and an amphitheatre, the Fun Farm is the perfect environment for young children to freely explore and experience all that nature has to offer. Able to feel ducks in a pond, ride horses and carabao, or whizz down a minizipline, there is no shortage of fun to be had for young children. For those slightly bigger and in search of more action to burn off energy, a rope obstacle course proves ideal for them. Just one of the five large luxury property lots of Sta. Elena is Banahaw Circle. Completely surrounded by the fairways of the golf course, this exquisite collection of luxury homes is located a beautiful thirteen-hectare village. Residents drive along a scenic five-hundredmeter road that cuts across the golf course before arriving at a stone bridge marking the entrance to the village. With amenities that include an exotic garden clubhouse surrounded by pools, a safe children’s playground, viewing tower, and fairway park, Banahaw Circle is just one of five residential areas that offer top-ofthe-range residential lots and luxury amenities for families of all shapes and sizes. Whether residents prefer the Makiling Reserve, characterised by lagoons and forests, or the uniquely designed layout of Sierra Madre, there is sure to be something for everyone who is looking to escape the frenzy of modern city life. Able to tap into the palpable rhythm of nature constantly beating throughout Sta. Elena, guests are surrounded by tropical and exotic life that is blooming and flourishing thanks to the sanctuary of the estate. Drawing everything together, the golf and country estate at Sta. Elena is a wondrous residential area for a wide variety of families. Whether looking for that perfect haven in which to raise children, or a home to retire in near a luxury golf course to enjoy, there is something for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of a prime residential area in a truly beautiful, nature sanctuary. The unrivalled understated elegance and beautiful landscape of Sta. Elena are just two of the many reasons this exquisite golf and country estate has experienced great success since its formation twenty years ago. Delivering deluxe residential properties in a worldrenowned golf course that celebrates nature, peace and relaxation are guaranteed at this luxurious and comfortable nature sanctuary. Company: Sta. Elena Properties, Inc. Contact: Beatrice Reyes Website: