Winter 2019

70 FAL18047 Sustainably Scandinavian In a world that has an increasing focus towards sustainability and being environmentally-friendly, one Danish-based webshop is exclusively selling products that are sustainable to one degree or another. Find out why this sustainable Scandinavian shop is one of Denmark’s best sustainable clothing companies. Sustainable products can be many things, from organic cotton to recycled plastics, to furniture made with wood approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. One Danish store is showcasing the numerous products that are all sustainable in one sense or another. With a plethora of eco-friendly, everyday products, My Fair Shop is taking care of the planet without compromising on fashion. Founded in 2012, the mission at My Fair Shop is to exclusively sell products that do not harm people or the environment whilst not compromising on fashion or functionality. Many of the products are not identical, each with their own distinctive character and style, making them stand out from anything else like them. The online store features a world of products suited for everyday usage, ranging from reusable coffee cups to bamboo toothbrushes, from footballs to all manner of beauty products, oils, and creams. Ensuring to partner with companies that do not use harmful chemicals or materials that would endanger the environment, each and every item available through the online store benefits both the customer and the environment. Not content to simply furnish their customers’ home however, My Fair Shop also stock products to adorn their customers. With items of clothing that have been certified to have organic cotton and other sustainable elements to them, this company are paving the way for society to enter a truly sustainable era of living. What is remarkable about the clothing products is the uncompromising stance on sustainability does not affect the fashion of the products. What gives My Fair Shop a personal edge over their competitors is giving the customers the knowledge and guarantee that money spent is not just helping the environment but is also actively going towards projects that help the sustainability. When perusing the items available on the online store, customers can read about the various partners and projects going on around the world to support local communities and encourage sustainability in a variety of industries. One of the many eco-friendly and sustainable partners to this company is Payamba, a Danish firm that is passionate about combining Danish design with the culture, colour and patterns from Sierra Leone. As well as combining these patterns on their products, they are also helping to pay for nurses and other healthcare professionals to work at a hospital, combating the Ebola virus after the deadly outbreak in 2014. Not only are My Fair Shop collaborating with partners that promote sustainable living, but also partners who encourage local groups in less-developed areas of the world. Ultimately, the sustainability behind My Fair Shop is the reason for its resounding success. During a time when there is a heavy global focus on becoming more sustainable and eco-friendlier, this Scandinavian shop is showing the world how it is supposed to be done. With an uncompromising integrity on supplying products that do not harm people or the environment, and actively supporting groups that share their ethos, this company are paving the way to truly sustainable living. Company: My Fair Shop Contact: Charline Skovgaard Website: