Winter 2019

RE180104 Exotic Eastern Excellence – Serving up a treat in Leicester What started as a dream to create a stylistic restaurant serving exquisite food has evolved into Mumbai Inn, a slice of Indian and Nepalese culture in the centre of the British mainland. With exotic spices and delicious flavours, see why this restaurant is one of the best places for a taste of India and Nepal in Leicester. On the corner of De Montfort Street and London Road in Leicester, is an authentic taste of Indian and Nepalese cuisine, using herbs and spices all the way from the Himalayan mountains. Starting out as a dream to create a stylish restaurant serving food of the highest international standard, it has become the Mumbai Inn, a flavour of Indian and Nepalese cuisine with the heart of British culture. The décor matches the cuisine, with Indian-style artwork and decorative ornaments throughout the restaurant adding to the ambience and atmosphere for the duration of the meal. Well-lit and open, guests can enjoy a comfortable wait for their food, surrounded by essences of Indian and Nepalese cultures. With warm and friendly service on hand to answer every question and deliver on guests various requests, the team at Mumbai Inn have cultivated a very welcoming atmosphere. In a city not short of Asian cuisine, this Indian and Nepalese restaurant is a gourmet delight. Expertly blending authentic flavours, herbs and spices all the way from Asia, Mumbai Inn is filled with the aromas and atmosphere of India and Nepal, transporting guests to the base of the Himalayas. Upon tucking into food, an explosion of flavours culminates in a luxurious taste of India and Nepal, delivered in the heart of the British mainland. Mumbai Inn also boasts a vegetarian-friendly menu that encompasses all aspects of Indian and Nepalese cuisine including some timeless, classic dishes. With tandoori specialities, Nepalese specialities, traditional Indian recipes, Gurkha dishes, a vegetarian section as well as a wide variety of accompaniments and sides, the food embodies the very best of Eastern cuisine. Alongside the food, there are a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to compliment the dishes themselves, rounding off the menu. Using only the freshest herbs and spices all the way from the Himalayan mountains, Mumbai Inn guarantees an authentic taste of Indian and Nepalese cuisine, with a Gurkha twist. If guests are unable to finish their meal at the time, they are able to take it away with them and extend the enjoyable eating experience beyond the restaurant itself. Ultimately, Mumbai Inn is an outstanding Indian and Nepalese restaurant, priding itself on using authentic flavours, herbs and spices from Asia, high-quality food, and excellent customer service. Exotic and excellent, this restaurant is a must for any lover of eastern cuisine seeking delicious food in the Midlands. Contact: Andaz Rana Website: