Winter 2019

84 1807LU10 Created in 2000, ELE Design Consultants has since grown into a network of innovative and creative interior designers, dedicated to unrivalled and exquisite design. Through meaningful dialogue, expert industry knowledge and a client-focused approach, see why this firm are one of the best for creative design services in the state of Georgia and the Greater Atlanta area. Gorgeous Georgian Design Firm Deliver Luxury Spaces ELE strive to make each clients’ home or office beautiful and peaceful, no matter how big the project. Understand that every space can look completely different with the right design, this interior design firm are on hand to help deliver truly transformative spaces. With an expert team of designers there to tailor the perfect look for each space, the distinct style of this firm guarantee excellence and luxury in the finished product. Working across the Greater Atlanta area, the family of interior designers at ELE are committed to upholding standards of excellence and unparalleled design quality for their clients. Putting them at the centre of everything achieved, the personality and desires of the client act as a paramount foundation for any work that is to be done and shines through in the finished product. Always dreaming of that perfect space, the team at ELE believe that great interior design is great art, reflecting who their clients are in ways they never could have imagined. With a unique perspective that is grounded in both art and architecture, the firm approach each project with an artist’s eye towards colour, materials, space and form. Whether renovating a residential