Winter 2019

88 WR180090 Taste of Thailand In the heart of western Ireland, food lovers from all over can experience the sounds, smells, and tastes of Thailand. At Khow Thai Restaurant, the team of staff have put together the perfect ingredients to ensure that guests can enjoy a truly authentic Thai experience. Let us whet your appetite as we reveal what makes this Thai restaurant one of County Galway’s best. Guests of Khow Thai Restaurant in County Galway can find themselves transported to Thailand, experiencing the explosive tastes of exquisite flavour in Thai cuisine. Using only the freshest ingredients and products from unique Thai suppliers, the chef team are able to create wonderful and authentic Thai dishes that are delightfully traditional. All members of the kitchen staff at Khow Thai are Thai nationals themselves, further ensuring that guests can truly experience every part of tasting delicious eastern cuisine. In-house, the focus is on creating a simple dining experience of wonderful food in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. With a collection and delivery service available, guests can have a luxurious taste of Thai cuisine delivered straight to their door. Thai cooking places great emphasis on lightly-prepared dishes with a spicy edge, and strong aromatic components. Expertly incorporating a complex interplay of at least three taste sensations, Thai dishes can be made up of sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy elements. The wide variety of flavour combinations come together in a delicious fusion that brings the dish to life. Each of the chefs employed at Khow Thai are from various parts of Thailand, and bring their own unique skills and specialities to the kitchen when creating their dishes. Thai food varies depending upon the region of Thailand that a dish originates from. The chefs passion and enthusiasm for creating authentic Thai cuisine is reflected in the menu designs, offering guests a wide selection to guarantee a truly authentic experience. A popular element of Thai cuisine is sharing at meal times, and Khow Thai’s menu has been designed with great variety to encourage sharing with others. Guests can sit at tables, order a wide variety of dishes and tuck into all of them, sharing and adding to the already-warm atmosphere of friendship and relaxation. The menu itself comes complete with a wide variety of sections, ranging from light bites, to salads and soups, grills, deep-fried dishes, wok-fried dishes, rice and noodle dishes, curries, side orders and kids dishes. There is a selection of traditional dishes on offer, with Thai Green Curry, Pad Thai, and Tom Yam Soup all available, mixed in alongside house specials such as the Khow Thai Fried Rice. Ultimately, what makes Khow Thai a successful restaurant is its ability to transport guests from an industrial estate in County Galway to a bustling street in Thailand with one mouthful of flavourful cuisine. With such a wide variety of sensational dishes, this is one Thai restaurant that any lover of food shouldn’t miss. Contact: Wichet Hanracha Website: