Winter 2019

1808LU21 Stylish Seefeld Restaurant Secures Success Founded in 2017, Pauly is a restaurant and bar that is an excellent blend of Austrian and Italian cultures, delivering an exquisite kingdom of flavours to an ideal central location in the small alpine town of Seefeld. Offering one of 2018’s best restaurants for Italian cuisine, discover a luxurious hidden gem deep in Austria’s beautiful countryside. Offering typical antipasti, fresh handmade pasta, meat and fish dishes, the food at Pauly is far from typical. With sumptuous selections of prosciutto, charcuterie, and cheeses from Italy, this delightful restaurant is the perfect place to create memorable moments to last a lifetime. Surrounded by the brilliant white of the snowcapped mountainous landscape, Seefeld is the perfect location for those looking to enjoy time spent skiing before heading over to Pauly for a refreshingly delicious drink. An incomparable combination of drinking, fashion, Italian design and top cuisine, this uniquely luxurious restaurant and bar truly is the place to be in Seefeld. Guests are invited to experience Seefeld from the Italian side at Pauly, enjoying an aperitif in an extremely cosy atmosphere. With every drink served, tantalising light bites and nibbles akin to those found in an Italian bar are also served. The perfect spot for socialising and celebrating life, this restaurant is full of the vibrancy and life of the regions in Italy’s north. The interior design at Pauly exudes class and sophistication. With contemporary minimalist styles, the colour scheme is an erudite grey and silver, with warm wooden brown tones. The result is an exquisite space that oozes chic, whilst being warm enough to sit and feel homely in. Pauly is a fascinating mix of culture, lifestyle and Italian life, never lacking in quality food and drink. The passion for cooking and great attention to detail in which produce to use is clear to see at Pauly. The delicious fresh homemade pasta made by hand is paired with carefully selected meat and fish to create masterful dishes that transport guests to an Italian culinary heaven. Chef specials draw heavy inspiration from the restaurant’s Italian inspiration, including dishes such as the Fiorentina T-Bone Steak, with high-quality beef from Tuscany. The rest of the food menu comprises of classic Italian dishes like gnocchi, cannelloni, tortelloni, and linguine, complete with classic Italian dessert tiramisu. The drinks menu perfectly complements the food, with an exquisitely selected variety of wines and beers designed to enhance the palette of flavours that guests can experience. Ultimately, Pauly’s success comes from a desire to bring authentic Italian lifestyles and cuisine to the incomparable landscape of Austria’s mountainous regions. With superbly executed cuisine, perfectly matched drinks, sophisticated décor and an unbeatable location, Pauly’s is the perfect place to stop off for a refreshing beverage, or delicious dinner. Company: Pauly Bar-Ristorante Contact: Manuela Gundolf Website: