Winter 2019

94 The Swan at Lavenham has flourished by embracing undeniable yet ‘easy-going’ luxury. Within its unmistakable 15th century façade lies a bounty of delights - from the tastefully styled bedrooms, to the effortless cosiness that permeates every room, every corner and every nook. Recently, LUXlife were invited to The Swan to sample a taste of its tantalising offerings. Is there anything better than authentic Tudor architecture? The classic half-timbering is quintessentially British in a way that few things are, harkening back to some primal part of the nation’s ancestry that immediately conveys a feeling of warmth. It conjures up a homely, stately atmosphere that makes any guest feel instantly welcome. The Swan certainly makes good use of that first impression and seeks to capitalise on it from the outset. Nestled in a suitably picturesque corner of Suffolk, the pieces seemed well and truly set for a delightful time indeed – and it certainly delivered on every front. From the resplendent dining hall that seemed befitting of royalty, to the faultlessly kept garden, guests are sure to find something to fall in love with. From the very beginning, there’s an unshakable feeling of being transported. To another time, perhaps, but one where the modern amenities and luxuries very much remain firm. Indeed, as you step over the threshold, through the heavy oak door and onto the traditionally styled slabbed floor, you could almost be forgiven for thinking you’ve just wandered into a Ye Olde Country Inn, albeit one garnished A Rural Retreat and Idyllic Luxury with electric lights and peppered with perfectly styled interior design choices. This motif is carried effortlessly through the entire establishment as a careful equilibrium between the modern and the historic. It would be a hard choice to decide which wins out, so delicate and so perfect the symbioses. The Swan’s Weavers' House Spa might throw away the stylings in favour of more contemporary lines, but the magic is by no means lost. There’s a boutique feel to the arrangement, blossoming under soft lighting and alabaster walls. We were treated to an indulgent massage with 100% natural and organic oils that left our skin feeling firm and refreshed and our spirit reinvigorated under the expert hands of our therapist. Delightful. And all this without mentioning the culinary offerings. The five-course tasting menu took us on an exquisitely presented gastronomical journey through Europe, with inspirations taken from Italian and French stalwarts partnered up with twists on British classics. Think Panna Cotta with goat’s cheese, beetroot and walnuts – an almost Exclusive