Winter 2021

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 33 Winter 2021 meant it was well positioned to work from home when it became the “new norm” as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The long-term effects of the pandemic are yet to be realised, however the firm has more than doubled in size during this time as many experienced agents looked to other business models whilst they were away from their desks. Furthermore, the changing landscape of high-end residential property means that increasingly vendors and landlords in particular are looking for a more personalised and experienced offering from their chosen agent or broker. The London Broker team understands this and is well placed to provide this level of service and the brokerage is there to support them in the delivery of this service. Ultimately, it is The London Broker’s intention to grow, and it has been fortunate enough to have been noticed in 2021 not only by LUXlife magazine but by some other award providers for its service delivery and innovation and as such, is keen to expand its reach, not only in London and the UK, but also abroad, in other key locations around the world. The firm is also keen to encourage experienced agents who might have taken time out for childcare, back into the industry. Its platform is perfectly set up to encourage mums and dads who might otherwise struggle to find a position within the industry which enables the flexible working required for childcare. There are some excellent brokers out there and The London Broker would love to hear from them. Company: The London Broker Contact: Rupert Collingwood Email: [email protected] Website: The London Broker provides a full suite of residential brokerage services, from selling and letting, to property acquisition and relocation as well as management and consultancy. Its clients vary from HNW and UHNW with property assets or who wish to acquire property assets in London and the UK and certain key locations around the world. At the foundation of the services that The London Broker provides are its core values, based around the knowledge and experience of its brokers in being able to offer a genuinely expert level of advice to their clients. The way the firm operates ensures that its service delivery is personal and trustworthy; indeed, it takes great care in ensuring that each of its brokers has the requisite track record which proves they have the ability to be successful not only for their clients but by association of themselves. Its brokers also understand that in order to be successful, their service and engagement with their clients must be authentic and reliable. By building the brokerage in the way that it has, the firm has been able to ensure that each of its brokers naturally sees the importance of its core values, rather than having to “instil” them within them. It is for this reason that The London Broker has been able to build one of the very best brokerages in the London market, with the ability to genuinely service clients within the prime and super-prime marketplace. Its brokers are well connected and well networked, and have typically held senior positions in other agencies over a long period of time, and accordingly have built up a strong network of contacts who introduce them to their clients, friends or family. By the very nature of what its brokers do, through their day to day work of selling and buying properties, they further expand their network as they meet potential buyers, who may become clients in the future. The London Broker differentiates itself from its competitors by the quality of its brokers. For the firm, this is a key consideration whenever it invites or accepts a broker into the family. It has understood from the very beginning that it matters who you work with within this industry and as such, it cultivates a culture within the brokerage that ensures its brokers operate at the highest level of integrity and service delivery. As a result of attracting similarly experienced and likeminded individuals together, The London Broker has created an outstanding network with an exceptional base knowledge. Naturally, its brokers work together and share this knowledge as and when required, which helps to ensure that all of their clients receive the best possible advice, no matter how complex any given issue (which may arise within any given deal) is. In essence, its brokers have a truly extraordinary pool of expertise on which to refer, should the need arise. The London Broker is a business that has been built around flexible working, which