Winter 2022

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 29 28 Winter 2022 Sustainable Luxury Tented Solutions Aug22190 When it comes to creating the most extraordinary getaways and experiences, Bushtec Creations stands apart as a provider of true luxury living. Lauded throughout the hospitality industry, these tented creations have transformed the way in which people holiday. In an industry that is changing rapidly, this is a team which has brought a sense of sophistication to the discerning outdoorsy traveller. Having earned the title of Most Outstanding Luxury Tented Getaway Designer, 2022 in LUXlife’s Leaders in Luxury Awards 2022, we took a closer look to find out more. The high-end resorts which the Bushtec Creations team have been involved in creating showcase the incredible attention to detail which is now expected from clients. It’s a challenge which the Bushtec Creations team have risen to magnificently. These tents exemplify luxury and comfort in every way. This shift has been accelerated by the pandemic, which has altered how many travellers treat their holiday time. “The millennial traveller is looking for sustainability, they’re looking for eco-structures, they’re looking for something healthy,” David says. “They want to get away from the cities, into the mountains, into the jungles, into the desert! They aren’t going to put their families into hotels in the city. The future of tourism has been changed forever, and Bushtec Creations are committed to providing their unique stamp of quality to it all.” Of course, such a shift has seen many in the world of hospitality turning to Bushtec Creations to develop new resorts that will appeal to a growing audience. For many, this would be an insurmountable challenge, but for the Bushtec Creations team, it’s something they thrive on. “We target the unknowns,” David tells us. “It’s achieving the unknowns for our clients. We can do that for hotel groups and we can do that for investors.” The power of a tent has only just been realised by many in the hospitality industry. A tent costs considerably less to set up than a hotel room, whilst still offering many of the same incredible perks and comforts. These tented resorts boast four-poster beds, swimming pools and carpeting. They blend effortlessly into the natural beauty of the The way in which we holiday has changed over the last few years, with the pandemic opening people’s eyes to the wonders of the outdoors. If you’re searching for a break from it all, you don’t want to spend a weekend in a crowded city. Many opt for rest and relaxation in the countryside. They want to reconnect with nature, to uncover a deeper meaning – and they want access to every personal amenity whilst they do! Bushtec Creations understands precisely what you want, and over the last fifty years, the team have perfected the art of tented getaways in every respect. For the luxury market, there really is nothing better anywhere. As a world leader in this field, the team have built a reputation for the manufacture of outstanding luxury tents that have only improved over time. With a track record of outstanding conceptualisation, designing, building, and maintenance of world-class tented camps and lodges, you know precisely what you’re going to get with Bushtec Creations. Kings and queens, princes, sheiks and movie stars have turned to the team because they know that their tents will deliver breath-taking quality. Hospitality giants trust the team to deliver tented resorts in far-off locales such as the Serengeti or the Okavango Delta. It’s not just these renowned names who Bushtec Creations serves. There are many individuals around the world who have small tents in fields and plots of land that mirror this same quality because they have bought a Bushtec Creation for themselves. With glamping taking the industry by storm, everyone is looking for the very best, which means that everybody is looking at Bushtec Creations. For the team at Bushtec Creations, the question is not simply creating tents. It’s asking how far you can push the concept of a tent. To answer that question, there’s no one more appropriate than David Court, Consultant at Bushtec Creations. “Over the years, we’ve gone from a one-bedroom tent, to a two-bedroom tent, to a three-bedroom tent,” he tells us. “Now we do four-bedroom villas! Imagine a four-bedroom villa which is all tent. They’ve become very modern, and the clientele has moved to eco-structures. People want to go to the countryside, and we’re ready for that growth in demand.” local environment in a way that no brickand-mortar building could ever hope to. One of the team’s more recent projects is Jack's Camp, nestled in the heart of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park on their famous salt pans. With ten bedouin-style canvas tents on offer, it captures an element of a 1940s safari, whilst providing all that one might expect from luxury living today. There’s almost a romantic gesture about sleeping under canvas, and that primal concept is what Bushtec Creations taps into, no matter how large or small the venture. The future, therefore, is one which is incredibly bright. Far from stagnating, the team have been inspired by the demand for their services. “What we are doing is enhancing the product range with new models and new concepts,” David tells us. “In fact, we’re moving into tensile roof structures. We’re modernising from the traditional tent into a very modern unit. We’ve moved into Franco-walling, which is tents with solid walls, but not brick and mortar. It’s our IP with wood panels and wrapped in canvas. You’ve got a very glamorous tent that has solid walls, which are all canvas!” The world has changed dramatically over the last few years, and the way in which people travel has too. People are looking for experiences they can share, something different from the norm and something which allows them to connect with something greater than themselves. The tented resorts from Bushtec Creations are designed with this in mind. The team know the importance of what tented living can offer, even if only for a short space of time. We turn once more to David, who had these delightful parting words to share. “If there’s a reader that has a dream, and needs inspiration – who wants to travel into the unknown, who wants a life of healthy living and healthy breathing, who wants to explore eco-structures and sustainability, Bushtec Creations is able to turn that dream into a reality.” We can’t wait to see you make your dreams come true. Company: Bushtec Creations Name: David Court Email: [email protected] [email protected] Web Address: Private Island Camp – Seychelles Nkomazi Private Game Reserve – Mpumalanga Jack’s Camp – Natural Selection – Botswana