Winter 2022

30 31 Aug22656 Bringing Global Brands to India When Rahul Goel and his team spotted the increasing demand in their sector for international products, they knew they had a choice to make. Baby care brand, Trucarekidz India Pvt Ltd, decided to follow its instinct and pivot in response to the voice of the market. That was seven years ago. Since then, the company hasn’t looked back. Serving the Indian market, and working with suppliers across the globe, Trucarekidz is our Most Customer-Focused Baby Care Company – India. Supplying customers with a selection of top-of-the-range baby products including toys, apparel, essentials, and travel gear, Trucarekidz India Pvt Ltd has carved out a place as a market leader. The company represents and markets international brands to its partner stores across the subcontinent. Trucarekidz also supplies direct to consumers via its website, Amazon marketplace and other platforms. We ask Rahul to tell us more about the operation, and he explains, “Our partners across India are businesses that are committed to the same ethos as we are – bringing global brands to Indian customers at competitive rates with best-in-class support. “All the products we supply meet international safety specifications. By stocking only high-quality products we’ve built strong partnerships and a loyal customer base. Of course, we also build and nurture partnerships with the brands themselves. Here we prove our worth through brand building, sales growth, innovative thinking, and execution.” Bucking the trend of using automated customer service options, Trucarekidz favours the human touch. Rahul tells us, “I’d like to think that our ability to connect one-on-one with our consumers sets us apart. All too often technology stops us from having meaningful conversations with the people who buy and use our products. “We made a conscious choice not to rely on chatbots and AI when dealing with our customers. An industry like ours relies on empathy and the power of the human voice. After all, we deal with families: mothers, fathers, and grandparents.” As well as first-class customer support, Trucarekidz is proud to offer a wider product range than any of its competitors. Purchasing trends show the majority of the company’s clients to be parents or expectant parents from 25 to 38 years old, and grandparents aged between 45 to 54. These individuals tend to be well-travelled and world aware; they know global brands well, and search for them purposefully. It’s this specificity that makes Trucarekidz stand out from the crowd. Rahul shares a recent encounter, “I met someone the other day who, when she realized we carry products by Joie, excitedly revealed that theirs was a Joie family. She and her husband had been collecting a range of products for their impending arrival. That’s the reaction I want to see from more and more families across all our product lines! That’s why we provide access to great brands at great prices.” Trucarekidz’ values of trust, honesty, and fair dealings, have built the business into what it is today. But none of this would be possible without the cooperation and commitment of the Trucarekidz team. Rahul shares, “Talking about personalised service is one thing. Implementing it is quite another. Team members must be able to rely on one another – working as one unit from communications to service to sales to delivery to finance. Our values have helped build a family and as the company leader, I couldn’t be prouder of my people.” As an equal opportunities employer, Trucarekidz seeks out individuals with the right mindset and soft skills. The Trucarekidz team reflect the rich diversity that is India. Never staying still, Trucarekidz is always exploring and reviewing international product lines to see what it can add to its catalogue next. The toy and baby market in India is set to grow massively over the next 5 years. Trucarekidz will no doubt be leading the way. Contact: Rahul Goel Contact: +91 98180 78927 Company: Trucarekidz India Pvt Ltd Web Address: Aug22410 Making LightWork of Events Leading Experts in Laser Show Productions 2022, ER Productions have been in the business of providing spell-binding visual effects since 2007. The multi-award-winning company is sought out by big names in the corporate and entertainment sectors – to wow audiences around the globe with special effects. With headquarters based in Dartford, Kent, ER Productions has offices in the USA, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Australia. We speak to co-founder, Ryan Hagan, to find out more. Employing around 60 staff across the globe, ER Productions provides clients with stunning laser shows, pyrotechnics and special effects to illuminate their shows and corporate events. Clients of the company include global acts such as Muse, Metallica, Robbie Williams and The Australian Pink Floyd Show. ER Productions is also responsible for light shows at many major events including the Brit Awards, the London Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games, and TV productions such as X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. Ryan tells us, “Working closely with the hospitality and events industry, our number 1 priority is to put on a great show. This drives everything we do from our Research and Development Team seeking out new products and custom effects, to our on-site Show Technicians who are industry leaders in their field. “Our crew are the best in the business. And we make sure they have the best training and equipment available. Employing our crew, rather than relying solely on freelanced labour, gives our clients a more consistent, higher quality service.” Being a niche industry, ER Productions has found experienced staff hard to come by. Instead, the company recruits enthusiastic individuals who have the drive and ambition to work hard and learn the trade alongside its seasoned professionals. ER Productions works closely with local technical colleges and universities. It has even developed its own inhouse training and development programme. This year, ER Productions opened its new headquarters. Ryan explains, “We often host open days for clients and students. We’ve equipped our new HQ with industry-leading facilities. It features two visualisation suites for programming shows, a demo room and a large-scale client rehearsal space. All of which are available for clients to rent.” As laser shows have increased in popularity, so have clients' expectations. Ryan says, “In 2007, concerts may have used 1 or 2 laser fixtures. Over time, we’ve developed smaller, more reliable diode-based fixtures. With this, and our ability to network a large number of fixtures together, the number of lasers on shows has increased dramatically.” In fact, ER Productions often uses over 100 lasers on a show. In 2021, the company broke the existing Guinness World Record for the largest-ever laser show with its installation of 824 lasers in Dubai. An impressive bounce-back from an industry devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and early 2021. We ask Ryan about ER Productions’ strategy during this dark time. He tells us, “Rather than sit and wait it out, we worked hard to improve and diversify the business ready for the return to events. We stood by our staff who work so hard to support us. We managed to keep all but two of our employees. We opened offices in Saudi Arabia and completed the acquisition of leading Kent special effects and pyrotechnics company Pyrojunkies too.” ER Productions’ actions have paid off and more. Since late 2021 the company has seen steady growth across all sectors. And it doesn’t end there. The company has launched an ambitious growth plan to confirm its position as the number 1 global laser and special effects company. And when it does, we’re sure to see ER Productions’ name up in lights. Contact: Ryan Hagan Company: ER Productions Web Address: