LUX Xmas 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 39 Xmas 2018 popular Sunset Idea House editorial feature. This annual program offered two Sunset designed homes open to the public to demonstrate the best in new home design and trends. Lydia begins by sharing an insight into how her past roles in construction have shaped and enhanced her work today. “Personally, I have a background in construction. Early in my career I worked for one of the largest homebuilders in the Bay Area. This construction background sets us apart. I know how to work with contractors and speak their language. I know how to keep the client on schedule and on budget, and I draw on this experience in my current role heading my own company.” In 2012 Lydia launched LLD, and since then she has taken pride in making lasting connections with clients. As a result, many of the firm’s clients are repeat customers and most work is generated by referrals. Over the years, LLD has grown and flourished, and today the firm is comprised of a team of two Lead Designers: Lydia and Celia Boutell, as well as one Associate Designer. All of this team have been specially selected for a specific set of skills which make for a great designer, which Lydia outlines for us in detail. “Here at LLD, we understand the need to be there for our clients and work alongside them to create an outcome they can be proud of. A great designer needs ability to observe a client’s needs very quickly. Having a keen eye and intuition is a vital skill, and this requires listening to the client’s design goals, but also observing what they do not always tell us about the way they live. It is this intuitive approach and ability to read a client’s needs that makes for a great designer. Once a trust is built with that client, it can be a lifelong relationship, and that is what we aim for here at LLD.” This relationship translates into a stunning project which always meets the client’s needs. Lydia gives us an example of a recent successful project LLD undertook and explores how her hands-on approach and intimate understanding of the clients’ wishes led to an outcome they can be proud of for many years to come. “Recently, we finished a custom home in Monte Sereno that we have been worked on for over four years. We were involved in every decision and worked as a team, which was the key to the success of the project. It was a big project and I was involved in every aspect, even landscape decisions. I met weekly with the builder and my client. We have now finished almost everything, still working a few accessories. It was a great relationship between the client and the builder and architect. Working on a project from the start of architecture to picking the color of the patio pots and furniture was amazing. The vision of the client carried through to every detail and I am incredibly proud of the outcome.” As she looks to the future Lydia is excited for the ongoing success that she believes LLD will achieve thanks to the hard work and commitment of its team members, as she is proud to conclude. “Looking ahead, there are many exciting opportunities in store for LLD. We will continue to be a small, hands on, design firm. This has really helped us weather any ups and downs. I am an optimist and I continue to foresee a bright future for my firm, and having recently completed a new project we have many more in the pipeline which we hope will all be unmitigated successes.” Company: Lydia Lyons Designs Contact: Lydia Lyons Address: 1515 Meridian Avenue, Suite 201, San Jose, CA 95125 Telephone: 408-210-0512 Website: