LUX Xmas 2018

41 Raashi Design is a full-service Interior Design firm. The firm were recently selected in LUXlife’s 2018 Leading Designers Awards where they received the Award for Excellence in: Contemporary Home Design – 2018. On the back of this win, we sat down with Raashi Design’s Founder, Sheeja Nair to discover more about the innovative design solutions the firm provides to their clients. Raashi Design is a full-service Interior Design firm. Their passion is helping clients express themselves in interiors that reflect their lifestyles and enhance their well-being. Raashi Design’s interiors are thoughtfully conceived with an emphasis on luxurious styles without compromising practicality, functionality and ease of use. All of this is accompanied by the award-winning customer service that their clients value and expect. Additionally, their projects primarily span the San Francisco Bay area, but they have done a few projects in India as well. Sheeja begins by going into detail about how Raashi Design approaches a project to ensure that the clients that they work with receive the best possible outcome. “It starts from the very first meeting. I am there because the client needs help. As such, I try to be as helpful as possible, explaining the structured process that we follow and make sure that I understand their goals/ vision as well as their expectations. I like to make them feel comfortable, so that they can share their thoughts about everything, even the most trivial items, because the more I know about the people who share the space, the better the design will be. Then, I guide them through the entire process and am there to help them make educated decisions. Also, I like to make sure that they are comfortable with me and give them guidance every step of the way and provide assurance if they start doubting their decision.” As for what sets Raashi Design from their competitors, Sheeja is keen to explain: “Overall, I bring a very different perspective to design. I have experience working in different countries with diverse cultures, design aesthetics and styles. I do my research and learn as much as I can before suggesting a product or solution. In addition, I believe a design should not only be aesthetically pleasing but should also fit the lifestyle of the occupants, whilst being both functional and technically sound. 1809LU32 “The most important reason I am the best option for my clients is that I am on their side, always. I work hard for the best interests of the client, treating every project as if it were my own and every client as a friend who needs my help.” Bringing the interview to a close, Sheeja reflects on some of the most successful projects that she has worked on. “Over the years, I have done a few challenging and successful projects. However, the most successful one would be the completion of a 4600 square foot custom home where I was involved from the beginning of the design - from space planning to finishing the interiors. The planning and execution of the interiors took nine months. A lot of original design details, custom finishes, custom furniture design. This project was my full-time job for the entire duration. Another one is a successful completion of a 40-year-old home remodel with a brand-new kitchen and living spaces. This one had numerous challenges and issues appearing every step of the way. However, at the end of the project it was all worth the effort as the homeowners were extremely happy as the new spaces changed their lives and lifestyle dramatically. “What I have learned from these experiences is that site conditions always are different from the ideal and keep changing. It is therefore very important to have clarity about the design and the presence of mind to quickly and creatively solve problems at hand, moving forward without compromising on the integrity of the design.” Moving forward, Sheeja signs off by envisioning what the future holds for the innovative design firm, touching on the changes she can see happening within the market in the 12 months. “Currently, I like the way the market is moving towards more universal design features – beautiful products are coming out which are not being labelled or targeted to any specific group. In some areas, people from different generations living together will become common in the near future, and homes that work for all ages, sizes and capabilities of the occupants will be needed. “Another trend is the integration of technology in to our homes and how we function on a daily basis. Smart technology and devices talking to each other will become main stream and making the right technology choices to deliver a smooth user experience will be key.” Company: Raashi Design, LLC Contact: Sheeja Nair Telephone: +1 (925) 236 0402 Website: Concept to Completion Style