2021 Pet Products and Services Awards

Page 20 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Pet Products and Services Awards PhytoSmart is a company growing and marketing the ground-breaking new product, SmartZYME. Fundamentally, it is a supplement for dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, and fish (both aquacultured and ornamental) that is fresh, tasty, and full of vital ingredients that make it one of the most foremost new foodstuff innovations. Whilst PhytoSmart has worked hard to make SmartZYME a fresh functional food and not a medicine, it is medically beneficial; being a whole cell, natural DHA supplement that contains DHA producing metabolic enzymes, it works fast to directly convert glucose to healthy fats in the body. Moreover, DHA is one of the most vital elements to an animal’s continued good health, and this supplement is been specifically designed to address the multiple health issues related to saturated fat accumulation. SmartZYME also provides a better alternative to all available Omega 3 oils in terms of what it offers for animal health. Firstly, the DHA in SmartZYME is in a form that is far more readily available to be used by an animal’s body, allowing them to feel the benefits faster; and secondly, it is not as prone to oxidisation. Every Omega 3 extracted oil (both fish and algal) is prone to this, even with the addition of procedures and synthetic antioxidants to prevent it. As it oxidises due to exposure to air – such as the seal on a bottle being broken – it loses its protective properties and quickly exposes the fatty acid molecules to damage, transforming the beneficial antioxidants to harmful oxidants that can damage any cell membranes it penetrates. Providing the beneficial nutrient missing from most modern diets, PhytoSmart has developed an exemplary pet food nutrient that will improve quality of life for its client’s animals. Working hard to be scientifically rigorous, environmentally responsible, and client-first, its product SmartZYME is continually making waves in its market segment and overtaking the competition one by one. Apr21419 FPN LLC d.b.a PhytoSmart Most Disruptive Pet Nutrition Product (USA): SmartZYME™ PhytoSmart realised that DHA was a critical element missing from most modern diets and resolved to change this. SmartZYME, therefore, was the answer, one that once consumed allows the continued production of DHA in the body, due to the special metabolic enzymes that certain species of algae possess that are uniquely preserved in SmartZYME; a factor which is scientifically recognised as being pivotal for future health. It is both sustainably and responsibly produced, being continuously cultured in sterile, strictly controlled indoor environments in order to reassure its customers that it is completely safe and rigorously quality controlled. SmartZYME also boasts more health benefits than its direct competitors, such as improved cognition and immune function, healthier pelt, reduced allergic reaction, increased mobility, energy, the repair of conditions caused by metabolic imbalances and more. The strictness with which it operates is managed by its team of caring, passionate pet owners who promise to help animals and people enjoy active, healthy, environmentally responsible lives. In addition, each team member is expert in their field, from aqua culturists to a variety of scientific specialists. With SmartZYME’s unique attributes and its ability to stand head and shoulders above all Omega 3 oils, it encourages prospective customers to reach out to the team, championing education and learning about the benefits SmartZYME can provide it is also eager to show how it has answered every prevailing pet nutrition trend since 2011. Its products are fresh, sustainable, nutritional, and remedial. Fundamentally, the growth and harvesting process is also highly ecologically friendly; no fish or krill are killed to produce it, and it ensures each product is free of oceanic pollutants and GMO. When consumed daily, it can alleviate certain health problems, and provide a preventative measure against such issues in the future. Going forward, it is excited to be able to further increase the growing buzz for SmartZYME amongst its growing customer base, continually working hard to make its product the best it can be. Company: FPN LLC d.b.a PhytoSmart Contact: Deena Sisitsky Website: phytosmart.com