2019 Designer Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 11 LUX 2019 Designer Awards As she looks to the future Niki foresees even greater achievements for this dynamic and innovative company, as she proudly concludes. “Moving forward, we have some great new projects on the horizon and some clients from a variety of different sectors coming onboard, so the future looks bright and exciting for the Visual Safari Design Group. The entire team here is looking forward to creating extraordinary campaigns that will drive our firm and, most importantly, our clients, to success.” Company: The Visual Safari Design Group Name: Niki Hayward Address: Rourke House, Watermans Business Park, The Causeway, Staines-upon-Thames TW18 3BA Telephone Number: 01784 895099 Web Address: thevisualsafari.com “When working on any project we listen to our clients from the start and aim to understand the challenges that they face. From there we can strive to achieve effective results by providing our clients with brand, creative and marketing strategies to push their businesses forward. But we don’t stop there. We always push the boundaries and continue to deliver quality and consistency throughout our work at competitive prices. Our people represent our brand as effectively as the work we produce. It is the Visual Safari experience, not just the work that keeps our clients coming back to work with us again and again.” Design is an entirely personal medium, and as such the Visual Safari Design Group constantly aims to offer its clients projects and solutions that incorporate the latest market trends with an authentic twist. Niki explores how this is put into practice thanks to a vast amount of research and industry collaboration. “To ensure that we are always ahead of emerging market developments and trends, we are continually looking at what other countries creatively are producing through fashion, trends, and online fads. This provides us with inspiration for our projects, as we seek to constantly push the boundaries and offer our clients something a little bit different. “Technology is also a key factor for our firm, as we are constantly seeking to keep up-to-date with all the latest software and techniques with the team continually advancing themselves with courses and seminars. We always use these new skills learnt on our latest projects giving our clients the very best and ensuring that we are able to meet their ever-evolving needs in today’s competitive market.” D E S I G N G R O U P

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