2019 Designer Awards

Page 12 www.lux-review.com LUX 2019 Designer Awards Supporting a wide range of businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of sectors, Conamole works with them to help them discover, define or reinforce the values of the brand and guide them in creating a brand identity that will allow them to better communicate their “big idea” and make it become reality. The name Conamole is a play on words and is synonymous with ‘Passion for Design’, which is the firm’s slogan and central to its approach to every project. Each and every project is bespoke and as such clients know they will receive a solution tailored to meet their individual needs when they work with this dedicated team of creative experts. The entire team at Conamole are passionate about Design and develop projects from the creative idea to the realization, mixing and experimenting always with new techniques and means. The team can provide a range of services and support expert to their customers and can enhance the ideas of their brand in a clear and recognizable way. This approach continued after the finished turnkey product and after-sales assistance. Located in the design capital of Italy, Turin, Conamole is a multidisciplinary structure of designers and digital transformation experts, who are able to realize a range of projects through a range of practice areas including corporate identity, design, digital marketing and strategic consulting. We profile this innovative and dynamic firm to find out more. Conamole Leaders in Digital Marketing 2019 - Italy Looking to the future, as the digital marketing industry continues to grow and flourish Conamole will continue to undertake exciting new projects and grow its success over the years to come, as in their latest Design project Made In Italy MaxAlabiso.com, Collection of Resinated Panels for Interior Design. The Panels are Unique Works in Digital Art, customized according to the individual needs of the customer. The panels adapt to any interior design environment in contact with water, such as S.P.A., Wellness Centers, Yachts and are protagonists in any contemporary scenario, which makes elegance and originality its distinctive features. They constitute the market reference point, both for the Originality of Design and for the Digital Application AR connected to them called VISIONNAIRE which creates an Installation between the