2019 Designer Awards

Page 14 www.lux-review.com LUX 2019 Designer Awards “Our focus is on the client, as we know we can produce a result for the project, we do it day in and day out, and we have a proven process and methodology to ensure this. The biggest variable in this success is the client.” Showcasing how her firm’s unique approach benefits its clients, Joanne discusses one of the firm’s recent successful projects and how the company has worked around the challenges it faced to ensure success for its client. “Among our recent projects was our work with Stormseal, an Australian invention that will revolutionise emergency works and insurance claims when storms or rapid winds hit areas and create disaster zones. We were able to work with this company from the branding stage and have helped them to realise their brand into a visual identity and worked closely with them (and various partners) to take this brand to market and communicate its message through a marketing mix. “Working on this project the biggest challenge we have faced is that this product is not widely adopted in the marketplace, and as such we have had to increase consumer demand to encourage an industry to change focus. This has meant a lot of education and ever-increasing amount of content to be created across various mediums for the client. The other challenge we have had to face is when an emergency or disaster strikes, as these are a prime marketing opportunity for this client, so this has meant we have had to be ready and a little predictive for this clients’ next marketing move.” Looking to the future, Joanne foresees even greater achievements for Brand For Brands over the coming year and beyond, as she is proud to conclude. “Overall, the future looks bright for Brand For Brands. We will soon be launching a You Tube channel called 'Branding 101', as well as a selection of online courses which will be aimed at smaller brands and clients who are keen to explore in-house branding options. Additionally, we have some collaborations planned with large brands together with our Creative Director, Stella Gianotto which will offer us many exciting opportunities for further growth and success.” Company: Brand For Brands Agency Name: Joanne Gianotto Address: Level 57, MLC Centre, 19-21 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000 Telephone Number: +61 2 8035 4420 Web Address: brandforbrands.com Branding is vital to any new business, product line or individual service. It has emerged over the last decade as being more important than the celebrity, marketing campaign or advertisement behind it. Seeking to offer clients branding solutions that meet their exact needs, Brand For Brands offers an innovative service which draws on its vast industry experience, as Joanne highlights in her opening comments. “Here at Brand For Brands, we create brands, we develop branded content for online and offline campaigns and we work with people who want to create brands that are being build for a purpose, a profit or a legacy. “Supporting everyone from Start-Ups with seed capital or investors through to businesses that are going through a growth stage, professional service firms, family business, e-tailers and some specific industry types such as legal, health, trade, import/ export, manufacture and professional services, we are able to offer our clients the benefit of our varied experience and ensure excellence on every project we work on.” Working with such a variety of clients, Brand For Brands has a client-focused approach which Joanne is keen to explore. “When working with a new client, we talk through everything we will do for the client, and reassure the client that they (and their project) are the most important thing in the world to us. We get their coffee right from the start, we communicate with them and explain every single thing we do and why we do it. We encourage them to ask questions and share information with us in a safe space. We help them through their issues or blocks to help them to identify their obstacles, assist them in their feedback and their decision-making process. Based in Sydney, Brand For Brands Agency is a family owned branding agency dedicated to providing quality services to its valued clients. We invited Joanne Gianotto to tell us more about the firm and the services it has to offer. Brand For Brands Agency Best Brand Design Agency 2019 - Sydney