Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 65 Stealing away moments of alpine living in Park City, just a forty-minute drive away from Salt Lake City in Utah, Alpine Distilling is the perfect place to match an expertly crafted cocktail with locally- made pies. Discover an amazing alpine experience, as we take a closer look at what has made this craft distillery and casual eatery one of the best in Utah. Park City Alpine Distilling: Best Craft Distillery & Casual Eatery – Utah Believing that nature strengthens the spirit, Alpine Distilling have tapped into all that the surrounding area of Park City has to offer, creating casual, memorable and authentic moments that bind friendships and create lasting memories. With beautiful rugged hills and stunningly lush mountain views, the wilderness around northern Utah provides the perfect backdrop for guests who want to spend time out exploring, enjoying sumptuous refreshments. Alpine Distilling crafts spirits for adults who love flavourful drinks, full of tastes reminiscent of nature and the outdoors. The distillery’s spirits are all natural, produced in Park City and cut with pure mountain spring water. As well as the distillery, the company also operate the Alpine Pie Bar, on historic Main Street, offering classic cocktails and locally- made pies. Offering the modern drinker chances to experience traditionally-made liquor (spirits), a crucial understanding of the intricacies of making gin, whiskey and liquors (liqueurs) is vital to Alpine Distilling’s success. In 100% vapor-extracting botanical spirits, the distillers at the company led by Scotish Gin Diploma holder Sara Sergent, masterfully balance flavours, mouth-feel and overall pleasure to craft a sumptuous gin that is unlike any other. Garnering international success for their gin, the firm have won multiple gold and double- gold medals for their gin alone. Distiller and owner of Alpine Distilling Rob Sergent spends his time expertly crafting whiskies GINS and liquors, (liqueurs), strongly emphasising the necessity for tradition. Using raw materials from Kentucky, Rob uses a hand-made copper pot to give his product an authentic flavour that is hard to find anywhere else. Self-confessed luddites, the importance of tradition for Rob and his team cannot be overstated. Rather than let technology permeate their business for the sake of ease, he instead painstakingly spends hours crafting his liquors with an admirable reverence for the industry. The food on offer at the Alpine Pie Bar is delightfully fresh, beautifully made, and mouth-wateringly tasty. Collaborating with local bakers, the team work to ensure that their pies are made with the best possible ingredients and arrive fresh for guests every single day. The selection of pies are rotated to match seasonal availability of berries and the freshest ingredients, with cocktails that are strongly rooted in classic heritage also offered. Understanding that guests want an honest, transparent experience, Alpine Distilling and Alpine Pie Bar operate in full transparency to the public, offering free tours and an open-door policy to their productions. Guests can see who made their craft spirits, what steps a distiller took to bring the grain, water and botanicals together into a skilfully- crafted drink. All staff at the company, from bartenders to account managers, participate in the distilling process, and trained to craft their own custom-made gins in-house. Staff are encouraged to learn the delicate process of picking a botanical recipe, and understanding the role of each root, berry, flower or other ingredient in shaping an award-winning spirit. Keen to do their bit for the environment, and help secure the future of Utah’s inspiringly beautiful countryside, Alpine Distilling are a certified “green business” by Recycle Utah and OU Kosher Certified. Working to support local farmers and use local produce wherever possible, the company also work to purchase the finest grains from nearby farms and growers. Crafting purity and honesty in their products, this company are helping people embrace the beautifully simple alpine moments in everyday life. In a town that prides itself on the highest quality of hospitality, Alpine Distilling and Alpine Pie Bar stand above as exquisite examples of sumptuously hand-crafted food and drink that exemplify tradition and reverence. Company: Alpine Distilling Contact: Rob Sergent Website: