Global Excellence Awards 2018 Page 43 “As a leader in the era of intelligent technology, Melux Technology has unique world-class algorithms and deep industry experience, with original capabilities from 0 to 1 and extensive experience from 1 to N deployment”. Economic Innovation Enterprise Award” , etc., Meilun CEO Xie Qinglu won “New kinetic energy - China’s outstanding entrepreneurs” and “new era Chinese economic outstanding figures” and other honors. Since its inception Melux Technology has developed three core products, the “Cactus” Airwave Intelligent System, the VisionX Intelligent Vision System, and the Melux CB Air Cloud Brain. This suit of unique solutions provides users with complete solutions for image recognition, vehicle identification, video analysis, intelligent algorithms, intelligent identification, intelligent decision-making and other technologies. Ultimately, Melux Technology now leads the intelligent return to the concept of intelligence, everything, and empowerment, providing users with unprecedented new models, new services and new futures. The philosophy of Melux Technology is to realize the intelligence of all things through subversive technology and provide the world with intelligent products and services with humanistic spirit, so that the world can operate more harmoniously and enable people to interact more effectively. This will remain the firm’s core focus as it looks towards a bright future. Company: Melux Technology Contact: Likuan Wang Website: