Global Excellence Awards 2018

Page 42 LUX 2018 Global Excellence Awards Founded by a world-class expert, national special expert, Skynet brain, YISA founder Xie Qinglu Melux Technology draws on this expertise to offer a unique range of solutions. Over the years Xie led a new generation of information technology strategic industry innovation team. As a leader in the era of intelligent technology, Melux Technology has unique world-class algorithms and deep industry experience, with original capabilities from 0 to 1 and extensive experience from 1 to N deployment. The technology that was created years ago - YISA - is the perfect support for the world’s largest security network: China Skynet. Skynet is the world’s largest video and video network, connecting 30 million probes, generating 1 trillion images and 250 million hours of video per week. The Israeli police service platform is technologically advanced and has excellent performance in practical applications. The system supports the core business of the Ministry of Public Security and more than 1,000 bureaus in 30 provinces and cities across the country. Melux Technology is a world- class artificial intelligence company focused on cutting- edge artificial intelligence, computational vision, deep learning, cognitive algorithms, big data technology and the world’s leading next- generation micro-featured technology. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its success. Melux Technology Best Biometric Identification Technology: AirWave TM CactusTM Intelligent System & Most Advanced AI Video Technology: VisionXTM Intelligent Vision System Today, Melux Technology brings together the world’s top AI geek team, the technological advancement of the Super Skynet brain YISA image algorithm hundreds of times. Based on the computational power accumulation of trillions of images of intelligent analysis and the new generation of micro-feature recognition AI technology- -FVR full-pulse algorithm, through the HOR to perceive the “palm-pulse” full-dimensional vein micro-features that are invisible to the human eye, using millions of the micro- features of the palm vein dimension, the palm of the hand has become the “native code” , the recognition accuracy is more than a million times the face recognition, and the realization of the tens of billions of people’s 0.3 second flash recognition. It solves the problem of precision and recognition speed perfectly. It can support the application requirements of 1 billion users, and the “ zero media” flash recognition technology is the only one in the world. The magical “Cactus” Airwave intelligent system has aroused widespread concern and strong response from the society. The experts in the industry have given Mellon a high evaluation. They have won the “T-Edge annual cutting-edge technology products” and the “National Traffic Electronic Payment Theme Competition”. First place, “New Kinetic Energy - China’s New Economy Excellent Brand”, “Most Investment Value Startup Company”, “Best Innovation Institution Award” in 2018, “New Era China