Global Excellence Awards 2019 Page 17 LUXlife 2019 Global Excellence Awards With the simple aim of beautifying the world, this once small company, run by husband and wife Walther and Elka Janssen, has grown into a multinational corporation dedicated to providing the best in skin care. In the light of its awards’ triumph, we take a closer look at the secret of this impressive success. Janssen Cosmetics UK: Best Luxury Skincare Products Brand - UK Since its inception in 1990, the team at Janssen Cosmetics have been dedicated to the development of the perfect skincare system, going above and beyond what is on the market to get the best possible results. Based on the use of pharmacy grade, highly-effective and efficient active substances, the first cosmeceutical series, White Secrets, was presented in Asia on a folding table. Since then, the business has grown considerably, with the product series being a tremendous success and creating a formidable reputation. The success of the business is entirely down to the impressive nature of the products sold, with active ingredients creating immediate and long-lasting skin improvement. This was not guaranteed to be a success, with the challenge originally being to find a way to verify the results and contribute to the improvement of the skin profile. Fortunately, thanks to close cooperation with Dr Sacher and his leading research labs, the team at Janssen Cosmetics have been able to develop products that are truly exceptional. With a range that includes more than 250 professional and retail products for your beauty cabinet, it’s no wonder that Janssen Cosmetics have been a truly international success. Placing an incredible amount of importance on the range that provides care products for specific skin types, it is this care and attention to detail that places the brand at the highest level, enabling skin care professionals to provide clients with customised treatments that lead to exceptional results. With all products made in Germany and exported across the world, every single one has been awarded TÜV certification. Every part of the process is crucial to the successful construction of the whole. Undertaking the extraction of raw materials, right the way through to the processing and bottling of the product, every step in the quality management process is the subject of rigorous control and documentation to ensure that only the best makes it through. In the name of innovation, ensuring that these procedures are reviewed and further considered after the fact is what feeds the growth of new developments in the field. With excellent products in the fields of cosmeceuticals, biocosmetics, wellness and luxury skin care, it’s no wonder that this superb supplier has gained a reputation for thorough commitment to its ideals, and this has been rewarded by customers returning to use them again and again. While creating products specifically for the purposes of improving and maintaining excellent skin, the growing market in the area of wellness and spa has created new opportunities for Janssen Cosmetics. Designed to develop the harmony of body, mind and soul, allowing the user to forget the stresses and strains of everyday life, Janssen Cosmetics uses the active ingredients of the world of cosmeceuticals and individual rituals to create a whole new emotional world, each with its own olfactory concept. Drawing together various elements to create something truly special, the core aim of Janssen Cosmetics remains intact. At its heart, through every endeavour, this company is committed to finding the best skincare solution possible, to bring a world of beauty at last. Company: Janssen Cosmetics UK Contact: Krestyna Batty