Global Excellence Awards 2020 Page 11 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Music is the soul of the entertainment industry and the team at Phantom Records™ have spent over twenty years exploring brave new ways of sharing this music with people of all ages. The owner believes that once that hurdle is overcome it is only the first step on a path to greatness. “In that respect, COVID is only the beginning because it did one thing we could never single handily do – get millions of people around the world to trust online businesses all at once. What we’ve got now is a race to thoroughly implement an innovative service. “This is a game I’ve won before, earning citation in’s patent document for innovation - so why wouldn’t this own initiative produce the same success when done in my backyard instead of in a country I’ve never been to?”. The odds are certainly in his favour. Company: Phantom Records LLC Contact: Michael Thomas Widener Website: Artist: From U.S.: +1 (301) 847-9291 . From Britain: 011 (301) 847-9291