Global Excellence Awards 2021 Page 13 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Founded in 2002, Bella Public Relations combines originality and proactive thinking to produce transparent results for its clients’ businesses. Acknowledged as a dynamic PR and social media firm, Bella PR represents a majority of the modern world’s leading boutique and mass-market brands within several top-tier sectors such as beauty, fashion, health and lifestyle. “Whether it’s creating a buzz for specific products, gaining exposure for personal lifestyle regimes or overseeing international launches, we know how to make things beautiful. In addition, we nurture emerging talent within the industry by building strong relationships with editors, experts and celebrities/influencers. At Bella PR, we create the trends,” states Founder and Owner Marla Russo. The ultimate objective for Bella PR is to understand its client’s business and industry – prioritizing what the essence of their brand is and what sets them apart from their own competitors in order to market a completely unique and individualized approach to their client’s brand. Being able to grasp the concept of one’s brand identity properly, company ethos and backbone of a business is the entire foundation for all Bell PR does. In doing so, the firm is able to focus on strategies and put a direct focus and energy into creating programs that capture the attention of the media. Bella PR’s primary mission is to provoke an immediate reaction by generating awareness Nov21657 Bella Public Relations Best PR Firm - Northeast USA and media buzz around its clients to showcase their relevancy and inspiration. To do this, Bella PR relays the importance of the brand’s image by ensuring consumers connect emotionally to the company. Additionally, the firm generates continuous news around its clients to produce excitement about their product, business, or brand, allowing partners and relevant trendsetters and influencers to interact with the clients. In essence, Bella PR is a client’s biggest hype-girl, pushing the limits, talking up the company and showcasing their offerings in the best light possible. Bella PR has had a sole focus on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle markets for over twenty years. With copious amounts of experience and industry knowledge, the firm has represented some of the industry’s top US and international fashion, beauty and lifestyle companies. Marla states, “ We know the key influencers in the market and how to get our clients talked about. We are immersed in ‘these’ worlds in NYC and learn what’s trending. So we think big, act big and invite our clients to do the same – take a risk and be daring. Bella PR will always bring exciting ideas and approaches.” PR and marketing are in a completely different area when it comes to industry rivals, as not only do you need to market your own firm to stand out from competitors but do the same for clients as well. Marketing a PR company all comes down to how well you are able to market your clients; therefore, Bella PR ensures that its clients stay on top of trends by bringing new and exciting ideas or products to the industry. At Bella PR, the firm is continuously learning and growing, pushing itself to be increasingly more creative, innovative, and proactive to develop diverse strategies for its PR and social media clients. “The social media world is constantly changing and evolving, so we have to always be on top of all new trends, platforms, services, and more. We need to know ‘who’s who’ on all platforms from Instagram to TikTok,” explains Marla – as in order to beat the competition, you must know everything about them. Currently for Bella PR, there are big plans in the works for the new year to develop and build its client roster with more massmarket brands. Additionally, with the recent celebration of its 20th anniversary, the firm is looking forward to another 20 more, continuing to evolve and grow its reputation within the industry. Company Name: Bella Public Relations, Inc. Contact Name: Marla Russo Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Based in New York City, Bella Public Relations is considered a creative and innovative firm that is able to develop powerful and cuttingedge programs to elevate its client’s marketing capabilities. Recognized as the Best PR Firm in Northeast USA, Bella has been influencing the industry for nearly two decades with the support of the long-term relationships built with clients, solidifying her successful reputation.