Global Excellence Awards 2021

Page 12 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards For a very wealthy, U.S. based single man (50+); it can be hard to find the right woman. At the 4M Club, the ultra-successful client who has spent his life building up a company to indescribable success, can trust the matches he meets are high-caliber women. Qualified men, operating at C-Level, such as CEOs, CFOs and CTOs, it’s clear this is millionaire matchmaking at its finest. The secret behind the success of 4M Club is Christine Stelmack, the founder and CEO. Chris works directly with her clients, offering one-to-one support at all times. Through this highly intimate and incredibly confidential approach, she is able to discover more about her clients and use this information to make informed decisions. While offering a professional service at all times, the nature of the business means deep trust is vital to securing success. In short order, the men Chris represents individually (never more than a handful at a time) often feel she has known them their entire lives. When people turn to the 4M Club, they do so because they know that Chris herself is within reach at all times. Her clients can call, text or email her within reasonable hours, with a response often received within minutes, and certainly within 24 hours, depending on the urgency. With matters of the heart, she knows that it pays to be quick, kind and reactive at all times. Nov21651 4M Club LLC Best Elite Matchmaking Agency - North America Needless to say, the sort of man who turns to Chris varies, but the right client pays a handsome fee to secure her services. Most are high-level businessmen, but 4M Club has matched celebrities, heirs and professional athletes too. The net worth of the man turning to Chris to find their life partner is generally $25M to $100M, with an average annual income of $3-5M. No matter what the individual’s value, the select pool of quality women applies to each bachelor hiring 4M, and these ladies are never privy to her clients’ income and/or net worth. The challenges of 2020-2021 were obvious when it came to the dating scene. The need to lockdown and reduce contact meant that owner, Chris Stelmack, pivoted how 4M Club operated during the Pandemic. The firm took six months off in 2020 for safety reasons at the height of Covid, with some clients unable or unwilling to fly around the U.S. to meet their match. A few saw their contracts extended, while others met up with their potential matches ensuring they followed Pandemic protocol at all times. 4M Club did not accept new millionaires until the severity of the situation could be understood and accounted for. This was critical to Chris – safety preceded gross revenue. Now, however, business is flourishing again (one bachelor at a time) as this luxury organization tends to the brightest and best that the world has to offer. For high flyers of every prosperous background looking for that perfect woman, Chris with 4M Club must be the first elite matchmaker you turn to – she’ll even pre-work with you at no obligation for a week or two (to see how you professionally work together.) A prospect hiring Chris’ agency begins immediately with a quality match HE chose during the “no-obligation” period. With care and attention second to none, you can be certain of an experience to remember; along with beautiful and intelligent career women presented you, where you always have final say. Company: 4M Club LLC Contact: Christine Stelmack Web Address: Email: [email protected] For the multimillionaire bachelor looking for Ms. Right, the first port of call should always be 4M Club LLC. For over twenty years, Christine (Chris) Stelmack strives to find the perfect partner for her exclusive clientele, leading to lives of adventure and happiness. Her achievements have been justly recognised for excellent results in the LUXlife LUX Global Excellence Awards 2021. We take a closer look at how she does it! N