Global Excellence Awards 2021 Page 11 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards This ability to anticipate changes in the industry and set the pace for others has long distinguished Pang from his peers. Spearheaded by his distinctly minimalist, avant-garde style, Another Design International has secured a highly regarded reputation on the global landscape. Currently, the team at the studio are taking on an office space conversion in London, with the aim of eventually working across the Hong Kong and UK markets equally in the commercial space. The commercial space has certainly been impacted by the pandemic as a result of a push of remote working and a monumental need for flexible working environments. “We can always do better for the end user, and with people working the in the co-user space there’s a greater need to work to all requirements of the space. Function is crucial, but form and art should always be kept in mind. Ultimately, we’ll be focusing on refining our offerings and approach over the next few years. We’ll be focus on delivering and exceeding expectations for the consumers that use our spaces.” About Another Design International In 2001, Pal Pang founded what would become Another Design International – Pal Pang Interior Architecture. From the beginning Pang has driven for ‘change’, challenging paradigms, and ideas for what a space can be. With this idea in mind, Pang worked on his first project with Madia in 2003. In this project he showcased a unique mindset for combining form and function into a cohesive whole, using LED lights and stainless steel to increase the visibility of the diamonds in the jewelry store. In 2014, Pang moved to the United Kingdom where he founded his studio, Another England, where he continues to redefine what space can be. Another Design International has quickly become one to watch in the architectural sphere and strives to continue its path of success. For all spaces, and all people, Another Design International focuses its efforts on weaving its magic into every project. With a passionate attitude and incredibly bright ideas, this company is reaching for the stars as it focuses on its upward trajectory through its creativity and excellent services. We look forward to seeing what it does now that it has won Best Interior & Architecture Studio – London. Website: “Space is people. People is space. Art, music, lights…it all comes together to create space.”