Global Excellence Awards 2021

Page 32 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards The LUX Global Excellence Awards 2021 look at some of the most extraordinary products that are on the market today and convey a real sense of luxury at all times. no However, success is without its challenges and the story behind the success of Glowceuticals is full of trials and triumphs. We’ll dig a little deeper into that Story of this incredible cosmetics company and its incredible founder in the light of their success. Glowceuticals Dermatological Products Manufacturer of the Year - Europe Nov21306 Breaking into the beauty industry isn’t easy, and few know that better than Ramona Choulhov. From humble beginnings as a beautician, she has grown into a forge beauty empire second to none. Her incredible ability came from her ability to keep looking for bigger and better solutions that reach as many people as possible. As a young teenager, Ramona suffered from acne and hid it under layers of makeup. Her then beautician nor a product could help her with her skin. So she suffered from this complexion for years. This sparked her passion for beauty and above all for solution-oriented dermaceutical products! After her training as a medical beautician, she quickly became a Business consultant for customers of a large American cosmetics brand and was involved in the development of the German market. During these formative years, Ramona thrived. She has been intensively trained and learned by doing, helping beauty salon owners increase their results and customer satisfaction. She became a professional in the areas of skin analysis, customer advice and sales. Through her training and support, the studios she oversees, not only achieved great results for their clients but also higher sales than ever before. Soon she was being sent on sales missions across Germany to make customers more successful in a targeted manner. Soon, However, the workload and pressure became too great. The requirements were too rough. Ramona burned out. It’s a testament to her strength of character and belief that Ramona was able to recover from this challenge and returned to her first two loves, which were work in beauty. she would work purely for herself and use her years of sales experience to secure the deal Success. After being successful with her own cosmetics business, she then founded Glowceuticals. With her knowledge and the successful concepts that she had already implemented not only for herself but also for many colleagues, she wanted to work again in advising and consulting beauticians who are less successful. So she developed a 360-degree concept consisting of dermaceutical products and effective treatment methods that offers everything to make beauticians successful and finally to be able to reliably help customers with skin problems. This incredible company has made their dream come true. She is involved in the development of products that she could only dream of as a teenager. Glowceuticals is a name that’s considered the gold standard in skin health and beauty nationwide. Today, the team develops products specifically for those who have skin problems and preventive measures to prevent them. Whether anti-aging, whitening or the improvement of couperose or imperfect skin and acne. Glowceuticals works closely with estheticians to ensure they have access to the keys from your own success. Regardless of their situation, they have the power to become one successful skin care expert and independent entrepreneur. The brand has become notorious throughout Germany in recent years and it does credit to the tireless efforts of Ramona and her excellent team. Their incredible accomplishments represent what it means to transform an industry. When she was a teenager, Ramona hoped to find a way to deal with her acne and feel as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside. Now, through Glowceuticals she has achieved all that and more. We celebrate them great achievements and look forward to what she does next. Company: Glowceuticals Contact: Ramona Choulhov Email: [email protected]