Global Excellence Awards 2022

The new Dual Function Brow and Facial Hair Remover (MV400) is another unique product. Twin motors power a precision “pencil-tip” eyebrow remover, at one end of the device, and a mini facial hair remover at the other end – each with its own 360-degree LED illuminated bezel to ensure no stray hair is missed. Everything needed for facial hair removal in a single rechargeable, handbag friendly device. The new Professional Facial Hair Remover (MV300) With a large twin ring floating head, this rechargeable unit can remove unwanted facial hair in half the time and the 360-degree LED illuminated bezel ensures no blind spots for perfect results every time. The Mini-Series: Mini Eyebrow Remover (MV100) and Mini Facial Hair Remover (MV200) Either of these two devices can easily fit into a small clutch bag. For people on the go who need the confidence to look perfect anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Both models still maintain the same high performance and 360-degree LED illumination. On the Challenges the Business and Market is Facing iMusthav: Yes, we are facing challenges from time to time. For example, in these two aspects. i. Safety: Safety is very important, our Product Research and Development Team spent around 3 years developing our product line. Similarly, to many pioneering technology companies, we have encountered many unforeseen obstacles needing an element of trial and error to resolve. We use an iterative approach, obtaining feedback fromour focus groups, before finalising the designs and launching the products. It takes longer but gives the best results. Before any new product can be launched, there is a whole raft of regulatory approvals that must be done by an accredited 3rd-party test laboratory. These tests ensure that there are no toxic or harmful materials used in the fabrication of the products. Whilst this is great news for consumers, and guarantees the products are safe, it presents quite a headache for new companies entering the market. At iMusthav we decided to go the extra mile and use real 18K gold to plate all our blade heads ensuring the contact surface to the skin is hypoallergenic. We understand everyone is not identical, so we will try our best to serve as many as possible customers, product performance and customer satisfaction are our top priorities, andwe always keep improving our service. ii. Threatened by new technology: Permanent Hair Removal by Laser Hair Treatment technology is perhaps the ultimate solution for hair removal, However, this technology has some drawbacks: it is relatively expensive, it onlyworks well on dark hair and if misused the equipment can cause burns. Advice to Others about the Nature of Business iMusthav: Doing business in an increasingly competitive and connected world is not easy, so if you want to setup a new business, the product/ service must be differentiated from current products on the market, differentiation or value added is one of the key points. Product and market research are key, for example, our Product Research and Development Team will observe products currently on the market, and create a new function to improve their weakness, for example, most Facial hair removers have an LED light, but they typically only illuminate in one direction, iMusthav created a 360 Degree LED light, in order to make sure there are no blind spots. Here, we would like to introduce our Flagship product, which is called DermaRazor, it is the world’s first Dermaplane Electric Razor. The electric razor removes unwanted hair whilst the dermaplane simultaneously removes stubble and exfoliates for perfectly smooth skin In the end, we would like to create improvement or new added value on what is currently available in the market, our aim is to create better devices to make routine beauty chores simpler, easier and with better results for a better life.