Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 25 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Jan22124 After all, a big reason why it has been able to become such a front runner in its industry has been the fact that its treatments are non-invasive and non-surgical, ensuring that clients can get back to doing what matters to them as soon as possible without the added stress of needing prolonged recovery time. Having earned a myriad of different awards and accreditations for its continuously impressive work, it has been recognised by Corporate Live Wire in its Prestige Awards, and by using the newest Fotona 4D treatments for the face and body, its clients have recognised it as one of the most effective and innovative ways to replenish, sculpt, and reimagine the body a client wants to achieve. Using BTL Emsella, BTL Emtone, BTL Emsculpt NEO, and BTL Exilis Ultra 360, it allows its clients to build muscle and burn fat without going through the struggles of setting up and keeping to strict exercise routines. Fundamentally, it knows how busy modern life is, and knows that many clients simply don’t have time for this. Furthermore, for some people, losing weight through exercise is next to impossible, and so it and its home visits have propelled it to prominence as an industry front-runner thanks to the empathy and understanding with which its staff treat its clients. Critically, Fotona 4D is an aesthetic laser system that embraces the power of medically applied light. Through stripping aesthetic procedures back to the bare minimum, it incorporates no unnecessary bells and whistles, instead ensuring that the client’s health and safety is focused and that their aesthetic goals are achieved through the least invasive treatment options possible. With the medical power of light, its non-invasive laser face lifting and fixing power when it comes to sun damage, vein damage, and vascular treatments, has made Fotona the perfect fix. SpaClinique is, of course, happy to talk a client through how it applies Fotona to achieve this, working hard to eliminate all obfuscation when it comes to the medical aesthetic industry in order to establish a truly transparent connection between it and its clients. Thus, it has developed a well-earned reputation of trust that its clients can rely on at every turn. It is aware that it holds a lot of responsibility when it comes to applying these treatments and services. By nature, it works with clients to address areas of their body that cause them the most insecurity and that knock their confidence, and so its team strive to be the most open-minded and person-focused team possible. Its staff always have the patient’s health, safety, and goals in mind, only ever recommending treatments that they think will truly be the best course of action in line with the person’s needs, specific requirements, medical profile, and budgetary restrictions. SpaClinique can even focus on helping the client address sources of insecurity such as cellulite. Although it is normal, and not something anyone should be ashamed of, SpaClinique recognises that for some people, cellulite is something that really gets them down. Therefore, it has developed several treatments that can help to reduce the appearance of these distributions of adipose tissue that make for changes in the subcutaneous tissue, such as the basic package for T-Shape, covering 8 sessions with its incredibly knowledgeable and dedication clinicians. There are a few packages that allow a client to tailor the TShape package to their needs. However, SpaClinique doesn’t expect a client to wrangle figuring out what they need by themselves; far from it. It hopes that right from the very first phone call and consultation, it and its staff can establish a bond of trust and respect between the clinician and the customer, giving them a space in which they will be seen, heard, and listened to, where no question is a silly question, and each concern is valid. In this manner, it is also more than happy to talk clients through the nitty gritty details of BTL Emsculpt NEO, the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure in the world. Combining two different ‘energies’ for simultaneous fat elimination and muscle buildings in 30-minute sessions, SpaClinique offers consultation through message, phone, or email, encouraging clients to get in touch so that it can tell them all about the special offers and applications behind this procedure. Built off the back of its predecessor, Emsculpt, it emits both radio and electromagnetic frequencies, resulting in fat reduction and muscle growth in a gold standard procedure that it is incredibly proud of. Consequentially, it has been able to grow its client base through showing them the excellence of its services and past work, never expecting them to just take its word for it. Being in high demand, it encourages clients to get in touch post-haste to chat to its waiting team of experts in order to get them in line for achieving their perfect aesthetic results. Company: SpaClinique Contact: Magdalena Pietrzyk Website: