Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 45 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Founded in 2007, it wasn’t long before Xicato Inc was a key player within the global market for lighting and controls. Indeed, the company was originally founded with the aim to create and distribute the highest quality LED lights – a mission, it is safe to say, that Xicato has accomplished. Fast forward to today, the company now works with a diverse clientele to transform their spaces into smart, healthy, and connected environments. As such, it is one of a handful of companies that offers a full solution – unique spot and linear light sources, with embedded Bluetooth mesh controls that tie the hardware and software all together in one complete package. In addition, the company now offers other wirelessly connected intelligent devices including sensors, switches, gateways, controls electronics, and open API software; plus, installation and commissioning services. ‘The latest trends in the heath, beauty and wellness market are focused in two areas – healthy light quality with minimal disruption to circadian rhythm – and smart lighting that is controlled to create an intelligent heathier environment. Xicato has been a leader in both areas for many years,’ states a spokesperson for the company. It is with this firmly in mind that Xicato has devoted itself to creating a range of products For many years, Xicato Inc has been leading the market in smart lighting. A pioneer within the industry, it was one of the first companies to use the quality of light as a defining factor within the value of the product. Henceforth, Xicato Inc has become incredibly popular with clients from a range of industries – something that it plans to expand upon over the next year. Mar22743 Xicato Inc Most Innovative Commercial Environment Smart Lighting Company 2022 that fulfil this demand. Xicato’s offering includes Full Spectrum, flexible linear lighting that bolsters a healthy circadian rhythm through the usage of violet pump LEDs. As in sunlight, Full spectrum light covers the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to near-ultraviolet in addition to visible spectrum, all of which combines to closely reproduce the intensity and colours of natural light. The benefits and applications are numerus including visual clarity, texture and colour perception that has high value to retails sales, improving mood and productivity with clear benefits in a work environment or enhancing scholastic performance of students, improved plant growth for agriculture, light therapy in treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and vitamin D synthesis in the body in healthcare to name a few. Furthermore, as with any Xicato product these healthy lighting products provide the highest levels of efficiency, quality, and durability. Consequently, Xicato has established a loyal clientele, as not only are its products top of the line, but it also supplies excellent customer service. Be it communication, quoting projects, ordering, or shipping products, Xicato endeavours to provide the best customer service experience possible. Additionally, its devotion to its customers is reflected within its exemplary and incredibly unique lumen and colour warranty that spans ten years – ‘We stand behind our products, so our customers have the confidence they need to ensure they are using products with longevity and reliability.’ Within an industry that is structured around the customer’s voice, this is, of course, a great benefit. It is fair to say that Xicato’s products have served to be a great inspiration for the industry – after all, it was one of the first companies to truly focus on mimicking natural light sources. From architects to designers and building owners, Xicato’s smart solutions are driving many to create smart and health-conscious spaces. Henceforth, ‘with an installed base of over 10 million lighting nodes, spanning thousands of locations in over 30 countries, and backed by a strong team of innovators based in Silicon Valley, Xicato continues to stay ahead of customer needs in a variety of verticals including the world’s most renowned museums and cathedrals, retail shops and hotels, offices and hospitals.’ Xicato has numerous plans in store, with many including expansion. The company is looking forward to broadening its portfolio in accordance with emerging market trends such as climate change, circular economy, and healthy spaces. Contact: April Mitchell Company: Xicato Inc Web Address: