Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 46 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Advanced skincare treatments are second nature to Care of Skin, a Swedish beauty salon. From LPG endermologie to Dermapen, and hair removal to tanning, the company provides a highly professional and client-centric service. Care of Skin Best Beauty Salon - Stockholm Mar22340 Care of Skin is a well-established beauty salon stemming from Stockholm, Sweden, that specialises in advanced skincare and body treatments. The company endeavours to supply each customer with personalised and effective treatments – no customer leaves unsatisfied. Indeed, quality is Care of Skin’s main priority, which is bolstered by the company’s devotion to employing highly educated staff who strive to maintain their skills. Consequently, Care of Skin has grown to become one of Stockholm’s premium beauty salons. A vast range of treatments are available to customers, spanning from facials to in-depth body treatments like LPG endermologie. An innovative treatment, LPG endermologie involves the usage of patented machinery to massage the body in order to stimulate the cells beneath the skin. The technique can be applied to the entire body – including the face – and can be tailored to target certain ‘problem’ areas, such as cellulite, pockets of fat, and sagging skin. Moreover, LPG endermologie can help increase circulation, facilitate lymph drainage, and aid in the recovery from liposuction. In addition, each session takes under 35 minutes, making it a quick and efficient treatment. Most recently, the company introduced PRX-T33 and Dermapen into its selection. Noting that the Dermapen treatment is becoming increasingly popular throughout Sweden, the company offers it at a competitive price, including discounts for bulk purchases. Dermapen, a micro-needling treatment, promotes scarless healing of the skin. In essence, it acts as a form of skin therapy. Proven to aid in the production of collagen, Dermapen treatments can improve the appearance of scars, acne scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, pigmentation, and has the power to rejuvenate the skin. Not only is Care of Skin home to a plethora of treatments, but it also serves as a marketplace for luxury skincare products. From Esse Skincare to DermaQuest, Care of Skin maintains a stock suitable for each skin type. Furthermore, such products are affordable and can be found both on the Care of Skin website and in store. Gift cards are readily available, ranging from 250KR to 1000KR, the latter coming with a complimentary gift. Perfect for someone stepping into skincare treatments for the first time or a skincare fan, the gift cards can be used throughout the Care of Skin store and its treatments. The Covid-19 pandemic had a global impact, creating a ripple of lockdowns around the globe. Numerous businesses found themselves wrapped up in the aftermath – with many facing a loss of income, customers, and an abundance of supply chain issues. For Care of Skin, facing the pandemic has not been easy. As fewer customers passed through its doors, it had to promptly adapt to the new normal. Therefore, Care of Skin turned its attention towards its online platform, increasing the exposure of its online store. This resulted in a wave of customers purchasing skincare products via the company’s website, enabling its survival throughout the turbulent period. It is safe to say that Care of Skin has secured itself a stable future – its hard work throughout the pandemic has paid off. Throughout 2022, the company will be continuing its recovery, rebuilding after the devastating Covid-19 waves. Its main focus is the acquisition of new skincare products, for which it is turning its gaze overseas. Contact: Christina Olsson Company: Care of Skin Web Address: