Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 52 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards SkinMTX is a dermatologicalgrade skincare brand formulated for proven, sustainable results, and trusted by dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, and medi-spas around the world. Join us as we take a closer look at the brand. SkinMTX Best DermatologicalGrade Skincare Laboratory - Singapore Mar22741 SkinMTX’s formulations are driven by science, using advanced skincare ingredients that have been tested clinically as well as in laboratories. Each product is driven by the latest innovations in dermal research, packed with exciting actives such as cell signalling peptides, quantifiable stem cells, and Nobel prize-inspired technology. The result is unrivalled potency and efficacy that live up to the demanding standards of modern aesthetic and dermatological skincare. Its products are designed to target the intracellular and extracellular matrix, as highlighted in the name ‘MTX’. Carefully curated active ingredients stimulate cellular functions to help repair and restore the skin. Formulations that focus on the deeper levels of the skin help to ensure effective, longlasting improvements to the skin condition. SkinMTX enables aesthetic businesses to aim to provide 360-degree solutions to patients. Its extensive range of in-clinic treatments complements aesthetic procedures and can be integrated as part of a pre-procedure and post-care regimen. To complete the post-procedure care, the company also offers a specially designed SkinMTX Dermat homecare range to maximise post-procedure results. Aesthetic practitioners can also prescribe from SkinMTX’s wide range of homecare solutions, allowing for flexibility to customise 360-degree skincare programmes for different skin needs. The company understands that patient satisfaction is key, which is why its formulations are developed to be perfectly complementary to popular aesthetic procedures – It aims to help enhance the patient experience, bringing client satisfaction beyond aesthetic procedures, extending it from pre-procedure, to post-care at home, and long-term daily maintenance. It wants its partners to have access to complete, 360-degree solutions that perfectly complement their aesthetic practice. At SkinMTX, the focus is constantly to innovate, ensuring its aesthetic partners have the best formulations available to fulfil the rapidly changing needs of the consumer. And as the beauty industry continues to grow, there is a growing demand for skincare products that give fast results. This has led to the introduction of many skincare products that provide instant results but often at the expense of safety, resulting in adverse skin reactions and sensitivity. Hence, SkinMTX was created to fill this gap, balancing the need for efficacy and safety, delivering dermatological-grade skincare, with minimal risk of negative side effects. Along with the exponential growth of the aesthetic industry, SkinMTX continues to innovate and strive to design in-clinic and home-care ranges that fit perfectly into the modern aesthetic practice. SkinMTX will continue to innovate new products specially designed for aesthetic and dermatology clinics, having identified several new skincare technologies that can help drive advancements in home-care aesthetic solutions, with the aim to help prolong the effects of aesthetic treatments. For example, concentrated booster formulations specially designed to be delivered into deep layers of the skin via single-use microneedle stamping devices. This technology is safe and easy for home use and when incorporated with the right formulations. The company is also working on a new generation vitamin C range. Vitamin C is one of the most popular ingredients to improve skin radiance, yet its stability and bioavailability often are a concern when developing formulations. SkinMTX is expecting a great leap in innovations for vitamin C in the coming year – technology that is clinically tested, stabilised, and optimised for on-demand release. A high dosage is not required to deliver maximum results, thus minimising unwanted skin reactions. Company: SkinMTX Email: [email protected] Website: