2018 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 15 to develop a unique, long lasting colour technology, unlike anything available in the marketplace. After presenting her business plan to him, they shook hands and made a deal to move forward with the lip-colour product that later evolved into SeneGence’s premiere product, LipSense®. Rogers-Kante started selling LipSense in April 1999. One year later, the first SeneGence headquarters office was established in Newport Beach, and her husband, Ben Kante, joined the company to lead the communications and media team. Later that year, a team of a dozen photographers/videographers joined the pair on a trip to the exotic South Pacific island of Vanuatu to collect samples from the base of an ashen volcano. Dozens of samples were taken back, yielding revolutionary results – eventually being incorporated into the ingredients that are in SeneGence products today. Currently, SeneGence offers women a complete anti- aging beauty regimen that includes more than 300 proprietary beauty products with many more in development. SeneGence’s line of cosmetics and skincare is sold through a network of Independent Distributors via their personal connections and interactions, as well as microsites, or “SeneSites” as they are termed, for their individual businesses. The newly redesigned websites offer an easy-to-use interface for customers, as well as back office and management software for Independent Distributors to more easily run their businesses. “We carefully listened to what Independent Distributors were asking for, and we wanted them to know that we heard them. I believe we exceeded their expectations and made technology work for them with the new SeneSites,” commented Rogers-Kante. The improvements and new product expansions are thanks in part to the company’s addition of skilled technologists, scientists, marketers and customer care representatives over the past year. Headquartered in the US with major offices in Canada and Australia, SeneGence recently opened two new office buildings in Foothill Ranch, California. A ground- breaking also took place in Rogers-Kante’s hometown of Sapulpa, Oklahoma – where new construction is planned on 225 acres of future infrastructure. The company is rapidly becoming a global brand with operations in the UK, Switzerland, Poland and Indonesia with anticipated expansion into several more countries in the coming years. In addition to SeneGence, Rogers-Kante created the non-profit Make Sense Foundation® with a fundamental mission to help women and children in crisis by donating directly to deserving organizations. Lastly, Rogers-Kante also authored Million Dollar Lips, an autobiography and business book that teaches how to succeed in the direct selling industry. Company: SeneGence International® Contact: Katie Olivier Address: 13355 Noel Road, Suite 1000 Dallas, Texas 75240 Phone: 001 214 373 1601

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