2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

Page 36 www.lux-review.com LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards Founded in 2002, Dermafirm Inc. has been a key player in the cosmetics industry for almost twenty years. The last eighteen years have seen many changes, but the one thing that has not is the firm’s mission statement. It has remained wholly dedicated and committed to leading the way in creating optimal skincare solutions whilst becoming a global leader in dermo-cosmetics. Now well established as a stalwart in the industry, Dermafirm Inc. is synonymous with innovation in developing health cosmetics, manufacturing green and sustainable advanced cosmetics with zero emissions without cruelty to animals. In everything that the firm does, and every luxury product it manufactures, the founding principles of trust, honesty, and sincerity come shining through. The luxury of high quality skincare and dermo- cosmetic products is the unparalleled ability to help damaged skin become healthy again through the best and finest ingredients and years of evidence-based scientific research. Scientific innovation has often held the key for the beauty industry, allowing it to formulate and innovate new ways of creating products that are even more luxurious for users all over the world. Dermafirm Inc. is a company that does just that, believing that optimal skincare comes from applying scientific innovation to the purest and finest ingredients that nature has to offer. Following the firm’s double award-winning success in this years’ Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards in LUXlife, we take a closer look to learn more. Dermafirm USA Leading Developers of Medical Spa Treatments 2020 & Most Aromatic Anti-Ageing Skincare Product: BIOTOC Regen Ampoule Dermafirm Inc. has accumulated such knowledge and expertise over the last eighteen years, and is now in the perfect position to develop ingredients for products that are safe, clinically tested, and highly effective. Each and every product that is developed is done so on plant-based components and peptides, which make skin healthier and clearer for every age and skin type. Since the beginning of the firm’s existence, it has sought to develop and manufacture the main ingredients of functional and highly luxurious cosmetics, such as peptides and amino acids through its formulation research laboratory and material development institute. Many years of accumulated research and meticulous study of clinical data have enabled Dermafirm Inc. to produce ground-breaking cosmetic products tailored specifically to meet various consumers’ demand for OEM and ODM manufacturing. Nearly twenty years on, the firm continues to manufacture and sell highly functional and advanced cosmetics for hospitals with superior quality ingredients that have detailed and intricate formulations. Such is the level of excellence that Dermafirm

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