Hospitality Awards 2019 Page 35 Serving as the backbone of the Maldives’ tourism infrastructure for over 30 years since its establishment in 1989, Trans Maldivian Airways is a pioneer in the industry and remains a key player in the market to this very day. Over the course of over three decades, from being the oldest air services operator in the Maldives, the company has grown to become the largest seaplane operator in the world. Today, Trans Maldivian Airways’ primary customers are the resorts that operate in the seaplane zone of Maldives. The firm acts as their partner in transfers to make sure the mutual guests are transferred from the Velana International Airport to and from the resort, ensuring a safe and comfortable flight every time. Alongside standard transfers, the firm also offers a range of additional services such as private transfers, excursions and passenger evacuation flights. The company’s team believe that a transfer on the seaplane is not just a journey like any other but is rather an experience, which often many refer to as “an experience of a life time”. Connecting the many stunning Island destinations in the Maldives, Trans Maldivian Airways (Pvt) Limited provides a vital service that allows visitors to explore the beauty and majesty of this glorious country. As part of our showcase of a selection of this year’s winners from our revered Hospitality Awards, we profile the company and share an overview of how far it has come over the years. Trans Maldivian Airways (Pvt) Ltd: The Leading Seaplane Operator 2019 Therefore, as well as offering convenience and accessibility to the respective holiday destinations, Trans Maldivian Airways has worked hard to become the most popular with providing what is referred to as a door stop delivery, taking the passengers directly to their chosen resort and on their return back to the airport. This popularity is the result of the company’s commitment to service excellence, unbeaten safety record and high degree of flexibility in terms of customizing its flight schedules. This along with highly qualified and experienced staff makes Trans Maldivian Airways the most desired seaplane operator in Maldives, and leaves a lasting good impression on every guest that travels with the company. In December 2017, the company was acquired by Bain Capital, a global private equity firm headquartered out of the US, in association with Tempus Group, a Chinese tourism-focused conglomerate from its previous shareholders led by Blackstone Capital Partners. This latest development will drive Trans Maldivian Airways towards even greater success over the coming years. As a leader in its market, the company has ambitious plans to extend its superior service to customers on land and in air. In line with this aim, the company is planning to expand its fleet, bringing in new technology, and upgrading facilities to ensure that its service remains of the highest possible quality as it expands and grows. Ultimately, Trans Maldivian Airways is determined in continuing to provide its valuable guests their experience of a Sun, Sand, Sea and Seaplane vacation and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Company: Trans Maldivian Airways (Pvt) Ltd Name: Suhanya Gunasekara Address: Trans Maldivian Airways (Pvt) Limited, Velana International Airport, P. O. Box 2023, Hulhule’, Republic of Maldives Web Address: