Hospitality Awards 2019

Page 44 LUXlife 2019 Global Hospitality Awards The culinary affiliate of the world-renowned Museum of Broken Relationships, Brokenships Bistro offers diners the opportunity to indulge in fresh, creative takes on Croatian cuisine, all in the comfort of a safe space where the theme of love and relationships is explored. To celebrate the establishment’s win in this year’s Hospitality Awards we share an overview of this creative concept and how it has risen above its niche to become a revered provider of delicious meals. Brokenships Bistro: Most Charming Bistro 2019 – Zagreb & Excellence Award for Locally-Sourced Ingredients - Zagreb Situated in the Kulmer Palace, on a scenic square of the Upper Town, a 5-minute walk from the main square, Brokenships Bistro offers the benefits of its central location, combined with its delicious fresh dishes and creative décor to a variety of discerning diners. A unique cultural phenomenon, the Museum of Broken Relationships is a physical and virtual public space created with the sole purpose of treasuring and sharing its visitor’s heartbreak stories and symbolic possessions. Through this showcase it is able to explore love, heartbreak and human interaction. Much more than a playful take on the universally baffling theme of love, Brokenships con-fusion menu is grounded in the convergence of gastronomic influences from Austria, Hungary, Italy, France and Turkey; all of which are historically present on Croatian soil. A delicious selection of locally sourced ingredients in a seasonally crafted menu, with an unexpected twist to traditional recipes, is a modern-day tribute to the healing power of great comfort food. Most of the dishes are available in half-sized, single portions, allowing diners to indulge their taste buds with a multitude of flavours even if there is no significant other around. Each plate combines traditional flavours and ingredients with modern flourishes and techniques to ensure every guest is both surprised and delighted by their meal. The bistro’s menus are small but perfectly crafted, allowing guests to select from a range of fine dining delicacies that range from fried chicken through to sweetbreads, beans and berries. The kitchen’s team is led by the young and adventurous Matija Jagic, who has experience working in Michelin starred restaurants before coming to drive Brokenships Bistro to success. He overseas a team of vibrant, young and talented chefs who are all committed to creating something truly unique and delicious through their exciting menus, which change seasonally and focus on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. With such potential in the kitchen, it is fair to say that Brokenships Bistro has a prosperous future ahead of it, with the team set to delight even more guests and show that they are more than just a gimmick, but instead a dedicated eatery that can delight and entice even the most discerning of diners. Company: Brokenships Bistro Contact: Marija Curic Email: [email protected] Website: