Hospitality Awards 2019

Page 92 LUXlife 2019 Global Hospitality Awards Nobody wants to experience an uncomfortable flight, whether it’s a short or long-haul journey. From the waiting at the airport, to checking in and finding a seat on the plane, all passengers would like their trips to be exciting and smooth. The team at InteliSys are focused on enabling these exemplary airline and passenger experiences through their signature software, ameliaRES, a tool to boost airline’s bottom lines, precisely handle IT needs, and deliver customised value-added experiences. In line with changing passenger demands, the wants and needs of successful airlines have shifted and will continue to shift. For over 30 years, InteliSys’ software has grown alongside airlines, continuing to provide the support and features that they need to stay ahead and thrive in the highly competitive, fast-paced aviation industry. Agile development processes have allowed the firm to move quickly and keep up with the changing market, implementing the necessary features and enhancements to help airlines succeed and take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities in their markets. As an airline partner, the team at InteliSys is dedicated to monitoring future trends and identifying new opportunities, and helping their family of airlines to be prepared to take advantage of those opportunities. Partnering with airlines around the world, InteliSys Aviation specialise in providing customised, secure and scalable software solutions in a cloud-based, open-data platform to help airlines boost revenues and cut costs. As part of LUXlife’s Hospitality Awards, discover how this firm have taken off as we examine their services and successes. InteliSys Aviation: Leading Innovators in Airline Passenger Reservation Software 2019 InteliSys works with airlines and businesses of all sizes in countries around the world, enhancing the passenger’s journey at every point. The firm’s software helps passengers in many ways, from enhancing the online presence of airlines and forming key partnerships within the travel industry, to enabling online booking through the web, mobile, over the phone, or via a travel agency. Passengers can also customise their own flight experience, with automated travel reminders, schedule updates, Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE), Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), boarding passes, baggage tags, and even post-arrival activities. From the first step out the door at home, to arriving back after a journey, all passengers are invited to establish long-lasting relationships with airlines for any future travel needs, with the help of amelia software. For airlines, InteliSys offer market-leading, innovative software that is designed to meet any and all requirements. Whether existing airlines are looking to replace outdated systems, or start-up airlines are looking to choose their first system, the ameliaRES Airline Reservation System is able to enhance all processes. There is seemingly no end to the list of things that InteliSys’ ameliaRES software can do for airlines. To name just a few, the software helps with sales channel integration, better inventory management, departure control systems, boosting revenue through their amelia Sales Ecosystem, customer care, increased administration efficiency, and global distribution systems solutions. At InteliSys, putting the customer first is one of the firm’s strongest corporate values. Genuinely caring about the continued growth and success of each partner airline, the incredibly dedicated team at InteliSys feel the joys and pains of clients and their passengers. Working around the clock for airlines, they say empathy is key in rapidly dealing with any issues that arise and setting airlines up for success. Inevitably, airlines experience periods of stress and when this happens the InteliSys team are always on hand to do all they can in helping clients through and past those times. The family feeling clients get with InteliSys is just one of the reasons that the firm has established themselves as market leaders in the airline space for more than 30 years. The team at InteliSys are hired and evaluated based on six key principles: excellence, passion, integrity, customer first, initiative, and teamwork. Relentlessly pursuing constant improvement, the team work tirelessly to never settle and deliver the best for clients, communities, and themselves. With a weathered eye on the horizon, InteliSys knows that the biggest opportunity for airline growth and success lies in optimizing distribution and sales globalization. To help airlines increase their visibility and boost revenues, InteliSys has built a sales ecosystem model that helps airlines distribute their inventory to more travellers and more markets around the globe. Most recently the team has started hosting a podcast, called ‘Elevated’, highlighting amazing things going on in the aviation industry and the incredible work airlines do to help make the world a better place. Ultimately, the future is brighter than ever before for InteliSys thanks to their innovative software enhancing every step of a travellers journey. With an expanding office in Vietnam, a globally dispersed team of aviation specialists, and new clients joining the family in new regions, the firm are continuing to grow their global presence. Company: InteliSys Aviation Website: Contact: Nikki Falavena