Hospitality Awards 2021 Page 27 LUX 2021 Hospitality Awards Balconista Furniture makes luxury, comfortable furniture with a mission to enhance the enjoyment of the great outdoors through modern and straightforward designs - maximizing space and experience. Winners of the Most Innovative Outdoor Living Furniture Manufacturer award – USA, Balconista products are constructed from a Superior Wood Alternative made by Tangent USA. The process is Green Circle Certified, built from 95% post-consumer recyclables in Closed Loop Production. Balconista Furniture Most Innovative Outdoor Living Furniture Manufacturer - USA Aug21482 Balconista Furniture was officially launched in 2016 with the inspiration to enhance outdoor balcony living. Most furniture on balconies worldwide is patio furniture that sits low and has the user trying to look through rails to enjoy the view. However, the first piece of Balconista Furniture was created with the end-user in mind, providing a modern, comfortable table that would allow full enjoyment of the view over the rails. Scott Allen, the owner of Balconista, explains, “Currently we have a wide variety of products: tables which provide a full dining experience, RailRunners® that allow comfortable and safe beverage enjoyment, and several buckets that mount and hold the champagne, wine or beers for quick and easy access.” It’s the mission of Balconista to enhance the enjoyment of the great outdoors and other living spaces through simple and modern furniture designed for efficiency and maximum experience. Thus, promoting sustainable initiatives to protect the environment as well as care for the community. Balconista products included are dining tables - Mesa, Bistro and LargoPlus; drink rails - the Largo, Jr and Mini RailRunners®; and speciality beverage buckets - the Cubo de and PailRunner. Scott explains, “We serve the hospitality community - hotels, timeshares, condominiums and more! We have recently launched into the retail marketplace and currently have several retail outlets throughout the United States. Our US patented products provide unique experiences on balconies, decks, and outdoor living spaces.” Balconista provides a sturdy and semi- permanent surface that can accommodate a complete dining experience or beverage enjoyment when mounted to traditional vertical rails with efficient use of even the smallest space. Each product is also available in several retail outlets in the US. Scott explains, “A typical balcony is about four feet wide, and most cannot accommodate a full- size dining experience. However, our products fill this need and can allow the user to enjoy their outdoor space fully. In addition, hotels usually put two standard chairs at standard height plus a small circle table between these balconies. With Balconista, we can install a counter height full-size dining table for two and two comfortable counter height barstools in this same small space. This is an excellent upgrade for the guest.” The staff at Balconista are committed to each other, the environment, and the mission of enhancing outdoor living space worldwide. Scott states, “We embrace our mission, and our greatest value is to enhance the guest and client outdoor living experience one product at a time. It’s a family culture for our partners and us.” Like many other businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has provided many challenges to the hospitality community as leisure and group travel was reduced from prior years. This has created many budgetary issues that channel down the line to suppliers like Balconista, and as a start-up, it has not yet earned name recognition of its product line. Scott states, “Since the pandemic, we have been challenged to enter the retail marketplace and have pursued avenues that have gained us both increased knowledge and sales. Additionally, we are hoping to reengage exhibition and trade show opportunities, participating in several hospitality supplier and manufacturer opportunities in the US and abroad with several other new and useful products in the pipeline.” Despite the issues the pandemic has created, Balconista has still managed to rise to recognition, with its new reputations as winners of the Most Innovative Outdoor Living Furniture Manufacturer – USA award. With new products said to be in the pipeline, It can be assumed that the name Balconista will be heard a lot more within the future. Company Name: Balconista Furniture Contact Name: Scott Allen Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]