Hospitality Awards 2022 Page 11 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 artisans who offer restaurant quality food of the finest quality. Offering restaurant quality food is no easy task, even for those who have been cooking restaurant quality food for years, but the Rosettes team make it look easy. Despite not being a restaurant, they have invested in a purpose-built tasting room for potential clients to sample their delectable dishes. For those planning a wedding, a visit to visit the team is one which sets many at ease because they know the quality of what they will receive well in advance. The team’s fabulous food is exemplified by the Hereford steakhouse offered to wedding, corporate and private dining events. The team have a wealth of experience in bringing the salivating sizzles of the steakhouse to any and all venues. Over the years, much has changed and standards have been driven every higher, but the unique draw of Hereford Tomahawk steak as well as Lobster Mac & Cheese keeps people coming back. They are firm favourites for good reason – the taste is simply divine. Maintaining this high standard of catering is no easy task. Restaurants have the advantage of preparing meals every night in the same space. The team at Rosettes are often asked to prepare a custom menu, with meals matched perfectly to the needs of the moment. Managing this at large one-off events is an immense challenge in every respect. Regardless of the difficulties involved, Rosettes has a reputation to uphold, and does so through the use of fresh produce and outstanding service. Every meal is an example of perfection, tantalising tastebuds with ease. On your special day, you and your guests deserve nothing less! No two weddings are ever the same, with even a slightly different venue forcing changes in how service is offered. Fortunately, the Rosettes team has an astonishingly flexible approach to the events they attend. They are always in contact, never overwhelming with demands, but gathering information which will give them the ability to deliver culinary excellence. Every detail is taken into account, and the team are aware of all of the needs that you might have on your big day. With Rosettes looking after the food, you can rest easy and focus on everything else. 2021 saw the team make a comeback after being closed for 18 months. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, large gatherings at events such as weddings were impossible to organise. Since reopening their doors, the Rosettes team has striven to set even higher standards for their return. New menus were developed, the units the team worked out of extended and the procedures used were updated. The Rosettes that exists now is an exciting regeneration of the organisation, one which aims even higher than before. Nowhere is this ambition better demonstrated than in the team’s latest venture, the Rosette Lounge. This first-class drinks lounge has been created to complement the stunning cooking available from the catering side of the business. The team have teamed up with the incredible Tanners wine and developed a distinct range of wines that will match all of the team’s seasonal dishes. When invited to events, the Rosette Lounge will provide a premier mobile cocktail service, along with full bar facilities. The team are also launching a series of street food trailers to support the main team at events. When you turn to the team at Rosettes, you should be certain that they’ll be able to meet your every requirement with ease. Customer expectations have only risen over the years, but Rosettes is always making steps to ensure that they can exceed them every time. It’s no easy feat, but they manage it on a regular basis! For the finest food at your wedding, the first port of call should always be the team at Rosettes. There’s little that can make the incredible calibre of what they have to offer. Over the years, they have pushed the boundaries of catering until it has reached its current high point. We celebrate the team’s incredible success and look forward to seeing how their exciting new ventures satisfy their clients in the years to come. Company: Rosette Event Catering Ltd Name: Richard Taylor Email: [email protected] Web Address: