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Moving Bits Most Prolific Hospitality Content Creation & Production Company - Singapore Our first contact with luxury in hospitality today often comes in the form of compelling montages and emotive imagery, but who are the people responsible for these images (both still and moving) that showcase the best that’s on offer in the hospitality business? We caught up with Jay Soo, Michell Tan, and Hazrul Idzwan Lamin (Haz) of Moving Bits, award-winners in LUXlife’s Hospitality Awards and content creators supreme. Invited behind the scenes, we look at what it’s like to work and live in the lap of luxury.

welcome to the Hospitality Awards 2022 At LUXlife we understand that Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect on the entirety of the hospitality industry. For this reason, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate the Hospitality Awards 2022, as we possess a true passion for helping businesses gain the hard earnt recognition they deserve for their exceptional services throughout the year. During 2019 the hospitality sector contributed to around 3.0% of the total UK economic output, although this dramatically plummeted by 90% in April 2020. However, over the past few years we have seen a dramatic change and a noticeable increase in the amount of customer spending partly due to the relaxing of restrictions for outdoor and indoor hospitality. This positive turnover makes it the perfect time for the hospitality industry to showcase their hard work and dedication through our Hospitality Awards 2022. Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. Moving Bits: Most Prolific Hospitality Content Creation & Production Company - Singapore 8. Kam Air: Most Affordable Commercial Airline 2022 - APAC 10. Rosette Event Catering Ltd: Best Wedding Catering Services Company 2022 - UK 12. Fibber Magee’s: Best Irish Pub - Dubai 13. NK Sports Tickets and Travel: Best Hospitality Ticketing Platform 2022 14. BroadVision: Best Hospitality Technology Consultancy - Africa 15. Gilberton Outback Retreat: Best Luxury Ecotourism Retreat 2022 – QLD & Australian Outback Hidden Gem 16. Cape Fox Corporation: Best Travel & Tourism Organization - Alaska 17. Mobile Comfort Food: Best At-Home Mobile Bar & Catering Business - Ibiza 18. Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa: Luxury 5-Star Seaside Resort of the Year 2022 – Italy 19. IPVideo Corp: Best Global Hotel Privacy Security Product 2022: HALO IOT Smart Sensor 20. PRIMA: Hotel FurnishingsCompany of the Year 2022 - Italy 21. Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy: Best Hospitality Assistance Consultancy - London 22. Be My Guest: Best Hospitality Hostess Recruiting Provider – Switzerland 23. Biopak UK Ltd: Best Food Service & Catering Packaging Design Company – UK 24. Sarah’s Simple Cakes Hertfordshire Ltd: Best Wedding Cake Designs Company 2022 – Hertfordshire 25. No More Bottles: Leading Drinking Water Filtration Systems Company 2022 – Dubai 26. Allerdale Court Hotel & Blocks Steakhouse: Best Hotel & Restaurant – Cumbria 27. Karpaz Gate Marina: Best New Marina Hotel – Mediterranean 28. GARCIA Y MORFIN, SC, T/A PR Central: Travel and Tourism PR Specialists of the Year 2022 – Mexico 29. The House Of Honey & The Sticky Spoon Cafe: Agritourism Experience of the Year 2022 – Australia 30. Van Sweet Home Consulting: Best Housing & Relocation Company – Canada 31. Novel Park Shenzhen Ltd - Residence G Shenzhen, CHINA: Lifestyle Hotel of the Year (China) & Best Hospitality Management Group 2022 – China 32. Libertes Hair & Beauty: Best Hairdressing & Beauty Treatment Salon - Yorkshire 33. Château la Beaumetane: Most Enchanting Wedding Venue - France 34. Anstruther Fish Bar: Best Casual Seafood Takeaway & Dining Destination - East Central Scotland 35. Wineschool3: Leading Wine & Spirits Education Providers – Cayman Islands 36. BESTNEST by Beverly Serral Vacation Rentals: Best Luxury Vacation Villas Provider – Southeast USA 37. Licence to Ceilidh: Best Wedding Band Entertainment Provider - London 38. Hollywood POP Gallery: Best Event Planning & Destination Company - Connecticut 39. Point South KOA: Holiday Park & Camping Hospitality Excellence Award 2022 40. Pennine Cottages: Best Couples Romantic Retreat Holiday Cottages 2022 - UK

Page 4 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 names such as Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Raffles Hotel & Resorts, Far East Hospitality, Millennium & Copthorne brand, and, lately, the Pan Pacific Hotels Group. Founded in 1998, a little under a quarter of a century ago, they have gone from strength to strength as a provider of specialist services to the hospitality industry. Many agencies claim to offer the best money can buy, but Moving Bits has a proven track record of delivering on that claim. This team can not only talk the talk but also walk that talk with ease. The agency was designed from the start to offer the critical, creative thinking of an ad agency, but with the full-time support of an in-house staff of producers and post-production teams able to bring anything that might be imagined to life. Little wonder, therefore, that the team has worked on projects ranging from ATL broadcast commercials to marketing videos and online content that has included 2D and 3D animation, including photo-realistic fly-through animation of unbuilt location-based entertainment spaces. The incredible Aug22092 The power of modern media cannot be overstated, with videos and images being an essential way of differentiating a business from the rest of the crowd. Put simply, you can tell something is of quality when you see it and when you turn to the top brands, you expect everything about their marketing material to reflect the same high standards of their product or service. Therefore, for the team at Moving Bits, their artistry comes in the communication and visual representation of stories for some of the world’s finest brands. These stories are one of luxury travel, delectable food, or a stay away in a home from home. These tales are told using every trick of the trade, deftly mixing sound and sight to inspire and connect with audiences worldwide. The audience, of course, is people like you and me, and over the years, the Moving Bits team has been able to showcase its talents on numerous projects. They are masters of multi-media marketing, carefully collaborating with their clients to achieve their goals. Having worked in hospitality for many years, the team has been proud to work alongside renowned Our first contact with luxury in hospitality today often comes in the form of compelling montages and emotive imagery, but who are the people responsible for these images (both still and moving) that showcase the best that’s on offer in the hospitality business? We caught up with Jay Soo, Michell Tan, and Hazrul Idzwan Lamin (Haz) of Moving Bits, award-winners in LUXlife’s Hospitality Awards and content creators supreme. Invited behind the scenes, we look at what it’s like to work and live in the lap of luxury. Moving Bits Most Prolific Hospitality Content Creation & Production Company - Singapore flexibility of the team has been a crucial part of their continued success in the industry. The real benefit to any potential client in working with this particular team is that they have total control over the development of their projects, all the way from the first pitch to the final delivery. And, when they are not able to provide a service in-house, they will happily collaborate with other experts outside their organization. Because the goal always is to put the needs of its clients first, constantly striving to give them the best and the biggest bang for their buck. An awareness of what defines luxury has guided the team since its earliest days. Few understand this as well as Jay Soo, who has been the mastermind (together with his in-house creative team of writers and directors) behind many a project. To each, he brings an unpretentious yet artistic eye with an instinct for constantly evolving storytelling. Since bootstrapping Moving Bits 24 and a half years ago, he has grown to understand the importance of what he and his team bring to the table. “You have to be very careful if you are a luxury hotel because if you say five stars, six stars, seven stars, people have expectations – you have to be careful that the people who work on the marketing for you understand Page 5 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 luxury and know and understand how to communicate that luxury, visually. From the very outset of any project, the Moving Bits team takes the time to understand the detailed history of what makes that particular business tick before pitching ideas that can elevate and share unique stories with audiences worldwide. They know what they need to do to deliver to a specific standard. Jay laughed when we asked how he and his team dreamed up these original stories and ideas: “It’s extraordinary because most of the time, you want to deliver something that has not been done before!” “So, you take whatever answer you get from research, from the client, and then you try and go off at a tangent,” Jay tells us, “but not so much of a tangent that it breaks with what has come before you, communicationswise. Also, it’s no use if our idea is original and unique but doesn’t sell the product or service. We’d be wasting our client’s time and money!” This makes clear one of the biggest challenges facing Jay and his team. “We try to be artful, but we are also salesmen!” he laughs. “There’s art involved, but at the end of the day, we’re using art to sell a product and a service.” To keep the team on track, the team has

Page 6 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 adopted the phrase “ideas inspiring action, “ which appears across their various media platforms. “It means we try to come up with ideas that inspire the viewer (our client’s client, so to speak) to take some kind of action after watching the video,” Haz, Moving Bits’ Chief Creative Officer, explains. “If your action is, “Wow, I love this place, I think I should check it out; we’ve done our job!” This awareness of the ultimate aim of a project means that the team is always focused on finding the unique narrative that sets apart the top tier of the hospitality industry from the competition. As the years have gone on, Jay and the Moving Bits team have had the privilege of working with many leaders in and outside of the luxury hospitality field, including Genting Skyworlds, Hong Kong Disneyland, Disney+ and TikTok to name a few. The team understands that they are not there purely to provide their artistic services but to serve their clients’ sales needs too. “Some of these companies have been around for a long time,” Michell Tan, Moving Bits’ General Manager & Executive Producer, continues, “and when we come in, we have to make sure that we fit within the given company culture, the way things are done, the way things are run, but at the same time you want to be different enough – otherwise what are you there for?” Achieving breath-taking results is not always easy, however. While the sun will always shine in a video advertisement, the Moving Bits team must contend with the natural world’s difficulties, adapting with barely a moment’s notice. “We were on a million-dollar shoot in Orlando for Universal Studios,” Jay begins. “When I did the recce, it was all blue skies and sunshine. On the day of the shoot, hurricane weather hit. So, I had to move indoors with some of the shots I had planned to do outdoors. Fortunately, Universal Orlando has a huge backlot with green screen stages. And that’s what we did, putting in the sunshine and blue skies at the post-production stage. If we didn’t have our award-winning visual effects team, we would never have been able to pull that off. So the real lesson is that you must have solutions for things that don’t go as planned.” Finding solutions on short notice is no easy task, but Jay, Michell, and Haz, together with their various teams, execute their projects with years of experience in hand. Experience has taught them always to get that extra shot and cover that little piece of animation before a client even asks for it. Their work is anticipatory at all times. “Being on a shoot is like capturing lightning in a bottle. Nothing is predictable, so we plan for every possible scenario. And when that unforeseen thing happens, and you can ride through it like a hot knife through butter, you can be sure that the client will remember you for all the right reasons.” This attention to detail has saved many a shoot, earning Moving Bits a stunning reputation within the hospitality industry. “By having the set under control, orderly with people going about their work quietly – that immediately makes a favourable impression on the client. They feel it. It calms everyone. And once the client feels that you are in full control and in charge, they relax. That’s how we make it memorable for them.” It goes without saying that when you turn to Moving Bits, you aren’t just turning to one of the industry’s finest agencies; you’re paying for a team with a wealth of experience without parallel. “We’ve been globetrotting for more than two decades now, working on all the various brands owned and operated by the principals mentioned above,” Michell explains. She feels this detailed knowledge is one of the reasons that so many trust Moving Bits to deliver. “You can’t just hire anyone to do your work, not because other people aren’t as good but because – with luxury unless you’re born into it, it takes a while to learn what is and isn’t. We didn’t start cold in luxury 25 years ago – we worked our way up,” she says before adding mischievously: “Because most of us weren’t born with a golden spoon, the curve is a little bit steep to get to the point of knowing and understanding what luxury is!” This peek behind the scenes of how a luxury atmosphere is developed and maintained by companies such as Moving Bits shows how the world of luxury is constantly shifting and evolving. The last few years have affected the hospitality industry enormously, but the recovery speed has surprised even the most optimistic observers. Moving Bits has taken steps to ensure that they continue offering the luxury service standard their clients expect to see, as well as providing services that are more akin to a marketing agency as opposed to purely one of video production. Their knowledge and market experience make them invaluable partners to their client’s marketing teams. Some would say that luxury speaks for itself, but Moving Bits provides a muchneeded voice that can shout and amplify what you have to offer that is unique and available to your customer. For the client who knows that quality is critical, Moving Bits has always been able to provide a genuinely stunning service. Some of the biggest companies in the world have bet on this team, and Moving Bits’ track record shows how delighted these companies have been with the results. An invaluable part of the hospitality industry, we cannot wait to see what Moving Bits do next! Company: Moving Bits Name: Jay Soo Email: [email protected] Web Address: Page 7 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022

Page 8 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 Aug22089 Kam Air was the first private commercial airline that owner and founder of Kamgar Group, Zamarai Kamgar established, with its first flight operated from Kabul to Herat and Mazar-i-Sharif in November 2003 on a Boeing 727-200. Then, its first international flight came in May 2004 between Kabul and Dubai. Ever since, Kam Air has seen substantial growth, now being on an annual turnover of $200 million, and offering budget flights to more than one million passengers each year. The airline has played a major part in the development of Kabul as a major transport hub in the region, and as of January 2018, it has operated 90% of domestic flights in Afghanistan, with destinations including Fyzabad, Tarinkot, Kandahar, Herat, Mazar-i-Sharif, Zaranj, Almaty, Kuwait City, Islamabad, Dushanbe, Ankara, Istanbul, Sharjah, Tashkent, Delhi, and Dubai. Kam Air is the largest tax payer in Afghanistan, contributing significantly to the GDP of the country, and it received the award for best tax payer from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy in 2017. As a responsible business, Kam Air complies fully with the recommended practices and regulations mandated by ICAO and certified by MoTCA, especially Founded in 2003 by renowned businessman, Zamarai Kamgar, Kam Air is the largest private Afghan airline. From its hub at Kabul International Airport, the airline, with its 12 aircraft, operates scheduled domestic passenger services throughout Afghanistan as well as international services to destinations in Central Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. Kam Air Most Affordable Commercial Airline 2022 - APAC Page 9 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 where they relate to safety and quality standards. The airline was also recertified by the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority in October 2017 and its quality management system has been certified as compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015. It is with consistently great teamwork across aircraft dispatch, flight operations, and ground operations that an average of 95% of Kam Air services are top-notch and depart on time, with the airline continuing its efforts to achieve the highest levels of on-time performance. Contributing to such excellent service is Kam Air’s proud support of its staffs’ professional development through a comprehensive training programme. Notably, Kam Air is proud to have operated Afghanistan’s first ever all-female crew flight on 24th February 2021, with 22-year-old Mohadese Mirzaee piloting the Boeing 737500 from Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul to Herat, a journey which took 90 minutes. The event made global headlines and was first covered by Josh Cahill, German-Czech aviation vlogger and airline critic, who documented the flight, and it was later featured on BBC News, Deutsche Wellen, and the Business Insider. The airline is privileged to serve a wide range of corporate clients, including international NGOs such as Danish Refugee Council, Norwegian Refugee Council, Save the Children, and the Swedish Committee. In addition to scheduled commercial services, Kam Air provides cargo and passenger charter flights to the Afghan Presidency, ANSF, the German Embassy, Tetra-Tech GSSP, and the US Army, as well as to private companies and NGOs in Afghanistan and internationally. Kam Air’s clients have been rating it as “an airline that’s really trying its best”, with a “very courteous cabin crew”. Its check-in staff are “very kind and helpful” and flights are “smooth” with “good” service onboard. A client identified it as “overall a good company with a modern fleet”. Ultimately, Kam Air’s philosophy is one of continuous improvement, with it having ambitious plans for the future. Central to its growth strategy, it intends to expand its international network and is evaluating potential new routes to Baku, Azerbaijan; Hangzhou and Urumqi, China; Frankfurt, Germany; Baghdad and Najaf, Iraq; London, United Kingdom; and the United States. To sustain this expansion, the airline is in discussions to acquire additional aircraft to increase and modernise its fleet, always ensuring its services are affordable, efficient, environmentally sustainable, and safe. Company: Kam Air Website:

Page 10 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 Aug22403 Nothing unites us quite like food. When we eat together, we share in a unique experience. When you hire the team from Rosettes to handle your catering, you’re hiring a team who makes an experience to be savoured in every sense of the word. Drawing on the skills of chefs who bring years of knowledge of the culinary industry to the table, it’s little wonder that they bring an air of class and elegance to any event. Since opening their doors, the Rosettes team have served the needs of customers in a variety of different ways. The talented team of caterers have earned their experience over the years by matching these expectations. Whether it’s a largemarquee wedding or a private dining event, the Rosette team are more than capable of understanding what their clients need for their specific requirements. It’s little wonder, therefore, that the team is in incredibly high demand, and not just in traditional catering sectors. Richad has been proud to work with renowned organisations such Bentley and the Royal Family. Over the years, Rosettes has organised the catering for celebrities, models and sports stars. The team are delighted to be providing them with the finest produce delivered with both skill and passion. Truly, the work they do, at the standard they achieve, elevates them to the very top of what the catering industry has to offer. When people look at Rosettes, they don’t just see a caterer’s, they see specialists and The best of the best truly speaks for itself, standing out from the crowd with effortless ease. This is especially true of the team at Rosette Event Catering Ltd. In the LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022, the team’s delicious dishes were recognised for their stunning quality. We take a closer look to uncover more of how they’ve achieved such exemplary standards. Rosette Event Catering Ltd Best Wedding Catering Services Company 2022 - UK Page 11 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 artisans who offer restaurant quality food of the finest quality. Offering restaurant quality food is no easy task, even for those who have been cooking restaurant quality food for years, but the Rosettes team make it look easy. Despite not being a restaurant, they have invested in a purpose-built tasting room for potential clients to sample their delectable dishes. For those planning a wedding, a visit to visit the team is one which sets many at ease because they know the quality of what they will receive well in advance. The team’s fabulous food is exemplified by the Hereford steakhouse offered to wedding, corporate and private dining events. The team have a wealth of experience in bringing the salivating sizzles of the steakhouse to any and all venues. Over the years, much has changed and standards have been driven every higher, but the unique draw of Hereford Tomahawk steak as well as Lobster Mac & Cheese keeps people coming back. They are firm favourites for good reason – the taste is simply divine. Maintaining this high standard of catering is no easy task. Restaurants have the advantage of preparing meals every night in the same space. The team at Rosettes are often asked to prepare a custom menu, with meals matched perfectly to the needs of the moment. Managing this at large one-off events is an immense challenge in every respect. Regardless of the difficulties involved, Rosettes has a reputation to uphold, and does so through the use of fresh produce and outstanding service. Every meal is an example of perfection, tantalising tastebuds with ease. On your special day, you and your guests deserve nothing less! No two weddings are ever the same, with even a slightly different venue forcing changes in how service is offered. Fortunately, the Rosettes team has an astonishingly flexible approach to the events they attend. They are always in contact, never overwhelming with demands, but gathering information which will give them the ability to deliver culinary excellence. Every detail is taken into account, and the team are aware of all of the needs that you might have on your big day. With Rosettes looking after the food, you can rest easy and focus on everything else. 2021 saw the team make a comeback after being closed for 18 months. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, large gatherings at events such as weddings were impossible to organise. Since reopening their doors, the Rosettes team has striven to set even higher standards for their return. New menus were developed, the units the team worked out of extended and the procedures used were updated. The Rosettes that exists now is an exciting regeneration of the organisation, one which aims even higher than before. Nowhere is this ambition better demonstrated than in the team’s latest venture, the Rosette Lounge. This first-class drinks lounge has been created to complement the stunning cooking available from the catering side of the business. The team have teamed up with the incredible Tanners wine and developed a distinct range of wines that will match all of the team’s seasonal dishes. When invited to events, the Rosette Lounge will provide a premier mobile cocktail service, along with full bar facilities. The team are also launching a series of street food trailers to support the main team at events. When you turn to the team at Rosettes, you should be certain that they’ll be able to meet your every requirement with ease. Customer expectations have only risen over the years, but Rosettes is always making steps to ensure that they can exceed them every time. It’s no easy feat, but they manage it on a regular basis! For the finest food at your wedding, the first port of call should always be the team at Rosettes. There’s little that can make the incredible calibre of what they have to offer. Over the years, they have pushed the boundaries of catering until it has reached its current high point. We celebrate the team’s incredible success and look forward to seeing how their exciting new ventures satisfy their clients in the years to come. Company: Rosette Event Catering Ltd Name: Richard Taylor Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Page 12 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 An Irish pub at heart, Fibber Magee’s is Dubai’s oldest and most iconic venue that has been operating for 26 years – which is significant, given that the state is only 50 years old itself. The pub boasts the ‘Best Guinness in the UAE’ (voted ‘4th Best Guinness in the World’ outside of Ireland) and the most hospitable staff in the city, serving Irish staple dishes (Irish stew, pork, roast dinners, Irish breakfasts), and it even stocks Irish classics which are hard to find in Dubai including Barry’s Irish Tea, Taytos, Hunky Dory’s, and more. All of this can be enjoyed while tuning into live sports including Gaelic football, hurling, the Premier League and horse racing, as well as live music including Irish bands, trad sessions, and rock and roll bands. The Fibber Magee’s experience is always memorable by virtue of its authenticity; there is no venue in Dubai that matches its old-world allure. With its aesthetics and service, it is completely unique to the city, being such a contrast to the beaming skyscrapers, five-star hotels, and bright lights. People pine for something different and that is just what this charming Irish pub is. Fibber Magee’s staff remember each customer’s name, they remember their dish, they remember their tipple, they ensure their pint is already at the table before they have even sat down. The team treat customers like family and friends, creating a culture of mutual respect, love, and great craic. Fibber Magee’s is a pub packed with charm, culture, history, and authenticity. With wooden beams, mismatched furniture, and Irish trinkets on the walls and slate floors, customers can step into the venue and feel like they have gone back in time, while escaping the bright lights of Dubai. Aug22115 Fibber Magee’s Best Irish Pub - Dubai When recruiting new team members, Fibber Magee’s doesn’t care about industry experience. It only cares about a willingness to adopt its culture. For those who are on board with that, they have a job. One of its biggest selling points is the exceptional services its staff offer. Ensuring customers leave with a smile is all that is expected. Staff development is also a key focus for Fibber Magee’s, with it having launched a Staff Development Fund whereby staff receive funding for any courses, training or academic pursuits, whether it be to achieve their personal or professional goals. While Fibber Magee’s is highly popular from Dublin to Dubai, that is not to say that it is all sunshine and rainbows. The pandemic remains the biggest challenge for the food and beverage industry, with many venues having been faced with restrictions across the UAE. This meant increased operating costs whilst experiencing restrictions in capacity. The pandemic did force Fibber Magee’s to operate a leaner and more efficient business. But the pandemic also made people realise that life is short; people missed their social lives, going to the pub, going out for food, so they are certainly making the most of their freedom now the pandemic poses fewer restrictions. Further, despite the challenges faced during the pandemic and the limited financial resources, Fibber Magee’s has always tried to have a positive social impact. In December last year, it donated one meal for every meal it sold over Christmas. This resulted in 5,000 meals donated to people in need, who had suffered financially during the pandemic. It also donated 150,000 AED (£30,000) to benevolent organisations and charities in the last fiscal year. Additionally, it launched a Giving Blood initiative where staff get an extra day off work and a free pint of Guinness if they choose to give blood, an essential and limited resource in the global healthcare industry. Ultimately, it is easy to see what makes Fibber Magee’s the best Irish pub in Dubai, between its dedication to its customers and staff, its contribution to the community, and its resilience throughout the pandemic. As it focuses on recovering from the events of the last couple of years, it is also continuing to protect the interests of its staff, as well as to offer a world-class venue, authenticity and value to customers. The brand also hopes to open another venue in the UAE, and one day, to go international. Company: Fibber Magee’s Contact: Ross Matthews-Smith Email: [email protected] Website: Page 13 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 Founded in 2018 by its Managing Director, Natalie Lober, NK Sports Tickets and Travel is an international events tour operator and online travel agency for worldwide events. This unique platform enables the purchasing of quality travel packages, hospitality, and event tickets, making dreams come true and creating epic memories all over the world. NK Sports Tickets and Travel Best Hospitality Ticketing Platform 2022 Aug22118 It was when Natalie Lober resigned from her previous job as a project operations manager that she went back home to her parents to recover from burnout. She ended up registering to study for her three-year BCom degree which she graduated from in March 2022. While studying, Natalie kept working on building her business in the cottage attached to her parents’ house. As a result of very hard work and many late nights, the business was doing very well. Natalie then onboarded her mother, Lil Lober who became a huge part in the creation of all content and design on the business website. Natalie says, “My family; being my parents and two older brothers have been my rocks throughout my life. They have always been there to support, advise and encourage me to keep going no matter what life has thrown me. My extended close family and friends have also been there to support me through the good and worst times. My Mom has been the most inspirational and encourager throughout my life and without her, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.” The ongoing aim for Natalie’s business is to provide millions of fans around the world with access to live events of the highest professional level, including football, motorsport, tennis, rugby, UFC boxing, WWE wrestling, music and shows, and much more. NK Sports Tickets and Travel is officially affiliated with leading global travel and club partners to provide fans with authentic event tickets, along with expert travel advice and carefully put to together travel packages to suit their every need, including flights, accommodation, transfers, event tickets, tours, visa assistance and even insurance. The company’s team are dedicated to meeting all requirements with close attention to detail and transparency, ensuring the optimal fan experience and total peace of mind. They follow best-practice operations and management in the travel and event sector; only dealing with reputable suppliers. Alongside this, customers are guaranteed a safe SSL secure ordering platform and payment gateway to purchase genuine tickets online. For tailormade event travel management services, a dedicated agent is assigned to take care of their every requirement from start to finish. Everything was going great for NK Sports Tickets and Travel until the pandemic hit at the beginning of 2020 and caused the travel industry to crash. Natalie’s business was barely kept a live, but still managed to run online. She tells us, “I was about to let the business go, but my Mom said, ‘We have worked so hard on this, don’t give up.’ And once again, the industry is picking up and I’m preparing for a burst in the market. Thank you, Mom and Dad for always having my back!” Ultimately, the story of Natalie Lober’s business is an inspiring one. She could have given up, but her parents encouraged her to carry on, to keep pushing, and her resilience truly shined through. As a result, it is thanks to Natalie and her devoted team that so many fans around the world have gained such extraordinary experiences to treasure forever. Indeed, NK Sports Tickets and Travel has proved time and time again its worthiness of the title of ‘Best Hospitality Ticketing Platform 2022’ and we are rooting for it as it heads towards a very bright future, with lots of exciting events to look forward to! Company: NK Sports Tickets and Travel Contact: Natalie Lober Email: [email protected] Website:

Page 14 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 Headquartered in Johannesburg, with branches in Cape Town, Durban, and Seychelles, BroadVision is unique in the way it approaches business in that it strives to create an inclusive, balanced, and collaborative environment enabling the company’s employees to develop and utilise their talents while providing the highest level of expertise and excellence to customers. The fundamental principles of the business comprises of infrastructure deployment, systems integration, and managed services; with its team’s impressive skillset and the aid of its trusted partners and associates, it is able to deliver turnkey solutions in the ICT sector, with its portfolio of successful projects spanning across 47 countries and counting. Although BroadVision has a strong presence in the hospitality sector, its clients are diverse with several originating in the property management, public, finance and telecommunication sectors, and countless more. With its strategic focus being on the hospitality industry, it knows its clients are highly servicedriven, and the company’s own service is equivalent to that of a five-star establishment. BroadVision understands that service is key to a long-lasting partnership and an elevated BroadVision designs, implements and supports ICT systems for clients universally providing the finest experience and uppermost level of professionalism. The manner in which its team approaches business, through the inhouse motto of “Think Global. Act Local.” signifies that the company been able to relish 22 successful years in the industry, with yearon- year growth that it is tremendously proud of – and it has not gone unnoticed, with BroadVision having attained such extraordinary success within the LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022. Aug22343 BroadVision Best Hospitality Technology Consultancy - Africa experience, thus it prides itself in the manner in which its delivers its services, with its team engaging with customers in the similar way that they would expect to be engaged themselves – with five-star service all the way. The ICT services that BroadVision offers to the hospitality industry are turnkey, infrastructure deployment, converged networks, cybersecurity, governance and compliance, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, cloud infrastructure, and even CIO/CTO/ Director of IT as a Service if required. It is able to implement all systems within a given establishment, and through the integration of its IT Helpdesk, which operates all hours of the day, it can make sure it provides the best possible service to customers and partners. Everything BroadVision does is brought into fruition by the company’s highly skilled team who are dynamic, selfmanaged, passionate, service-driven, and eager to grow in their career paths. They thrive within its culture of “BroadVision style”, which can be defined as a lifestyle. This includes transparency being encouraged within the workplace and the company wanting its team to enjoy engaging with colleagues, customers, and partners. Its team members understand that consistent, high level service delivery is what distinguishes it from the rest. Engaging with partners and associates is also key to its service delivery. The more its team engages, the better they understand clients’ business needs, their challenges, and their current situation. Through these aspects, they can generate appropriate decisions and better guide clients on their ICT journey. The company also perceives skills development as essential and nonnegotiable; everyone it employs should look for opportunities to grow organically in their respective career path. This is vitally important because it ensures that they are mindful of the way guests’ expectations have evolved just like technology – which is becoming more costeffective and readily available to the masses. As a result, this has placed demand on the hospitality sector to strengthen in terms of their technology offerings, in a bid to continue providing the finest experience. Not only is this an important focus for hospitality businesses, but also maintaining the security of their customers’ data. Guest data is being stored digitally in platforms across the globe, as a result data privacy and security has become more pertinent than ever. Cybersecurity, governance and compliance, data privacy, and data security are topics that most companies are concerned about and constantly seek to control – and they are topics that BroadVision can assist with to a large extent. Indeed, the BroadVision team remains ahead of the curve when it comes to developments and trends within the industry and knowing precisely what the client needs in order to meet the desires of their own customers. BroadVision also takes its social responsibility seriously, with its encompassing a wide array of aspects. BroadVision actively engages in providing the greenest solution and focuses profoundly on empowering the future generation through appropriate skills development. BroadVision social responsibility programmes are designed to provide longterm benefits to employees, customers, partners, associates and individuals within the communities it operates around the globe. Ultimately, BroadVision has a remarkably bright future ahead of it, as it continues to keep its social responsibility at the forefront while continually being sure to provide the highest quality solutions and service. Feeling incredibly positive about where it is headed, the company has many confirmed upcoming projects and more on the table. Follow BroadVision on social media to keep up-to-date with the team and all the exciting projects they have in the pipeline! Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Company: BroadVision Contact: Douglas Turner Title: General Manager Email: [email protected] Website: Phone: +27113178960 Page 15 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 “Unplug, unwind, and recharge!” People often envision holidays as a trip or stay somewhere that allows you to get away from the stresses of the day-to-day. But only somewhere like Gilberton Outback Retreat provides a spellbinding escape into nature. Resulting in complete disconnection and total relaxation. Accommodating only one couple at a time, guests are treated to all the amenities of a high-end hotel during their stay whilst being treated as part of the family on a 7th generation working cattle station in the rugged outback of Australia. Gilberton Outback Retreat Best Luxury Ecotourism Retreat 2022 – QLD & Australian Outback Hidden Gem Aug22393 Gilberton Outback Retreat is a private, unique 5-star retreat tucked away in the stunning northern goldfield of North Queensland. With no phone, TV, or internet, it offers guests a total technology detox, and a complete escape from modern life. It is a one of a kind 5-star offering not found anywhere else with a signature luxury experience not to be missed. Guests can unplug and unwind on an 88,000-acre, working cattle station. Though the location may seem wild, ordinary, and untamed, Gilberton promises an extraordinary experience that is anything but wild, more outback luxury at its most serene. With dazzling sunrises and sunsets and an exclusive opportunity to explore a unique and amazing outback station. Perched on the bluff overlooking the Gilbert River, the retreat offers the ultimate understated luxury. Guests will have uninterrupted panoramic views of the surrounding rugged landscape from a cabin built from local stone and timber, all whilst enjoying a pillow-topped king bed and luxurious bathtub. Once stepping into this unique piece of Gilberton, guests can enjoy a welcome platter and bottle of champagne on arrival. After that, meals and beverages are all-inclusive and include dinner at the homestead. From sunset drinks to a delicious, wholesome country meal with the family, the comfort and intimacy of the retreat is made apparent immediately. It is no surprise that this is such a popular location. Gilberton Outback Retreat delivers a unique experience beyond the excellent food. All of its activities are included, and the land has a rich history for guests to explore. The family is proud of the land’s heritage, its connection to the Jana tribe of Gilberton, and the vital link to the country with the local Aboriginal Indigenous Jana people of the Gilberton region. Visitors are tacitly encouraged to explore Gilberton’ s Breathtaking ecological assets. From mountain ranges, granite boulders, and natural springs; there are once-in-a-lifetime sights and experiences just waiting for the adventurous at heart. Guests are invited to do as much or as little as they wish, with all tours departing at a time that is convenient for them. From sightseeing across the landscape, searching for gold, getting involved on the station, or taking time to look at mining relics or incredible Aboriginal artwork that has been looked after and preserved. Guests can also learn about the family’s connection with the local Jana tribe and the process of how Australian beef goes from farm to fork. This is a prestigious getaway waiting for guests from all over the world. The fantastic experience is complimented by the magical location where everything is tailored to meet any needs. All guests need to do is sit back and soak up the tranquillity. Time stops for those who venture into the extraordinary land of Gilberton Outback Retreat. Travelling here for a tech-free, all-inclusive getaway is a guarantee of an unforgettable Australian outback experience that will stay with you forever. Contact: Lyn French Company: Gilberton Outback Retreat Ph- 0740625329 Web Address: http://www.

Page 16 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 With lodging, restaurants, cafes, gift shops, transportation, and adventure activities, Cape Fox Corporation is allowing its guests to experience Alaska off the beaten path. Nominally, its work is one of positive, enthusiastic, and well-informed outreach, hoping to spread education and awareness about the native communities of Alaska, their role in the region, and the delightful excursions that will come from opening oneself up to this world. Delivering exploration, history, educations, relaxation, fishing, shopping, and so much more, its hopes to facilitate putting a smile on the face of every guest right from the moment they step foot in the region to the moment they leave. Partnering with local businesses in order to allow it to be a staunch supporter of its area, its personalized concierge service and tour offerings cover a wide range of different activity levels for a variety of people, from family friendly excursions to more challenging hikes and physical activity. It also handles all relevant transportation for clients through its shuttle bus service. Critically, when clients visit its shores in Ketchikan and Saxman, it is always proud to show them the breath-taking views that span out for hundreds of miles in all directions, from the Tongrass Narrows to the expansive treeline of the Tongrass National Forest, welcoming Representing the Tlingit Alaskan Natives from the Village of Saxman, Cape Fox Corporation is a travel, tourism, and adventure business that has been expanding and expressing its culture in order to broaden awareness and respect for native tradition. In essence, CFC is achieving this by way of its commercial tour packages, taking guests around the best food, luxury, and adventures that the region has to offer in a manner that supports the indigenous communities in a sustainable and mutually beneficial manner. Aug22208 Cape Fox Corporation Best Travel & Tourism Organization - Alaska them into its facility proper with décor that displays native artwork. Additionally, with a deep love of entertaining and hospitality, this company and its employees work hard to make everyone feel at home. All of Ketchikan proper echoes this sentiment, and the Tlingit community is one of ushering people in with open arms in order to create personable, historically rich, and entertaining adventures that will keep even the worldliest souls enthralled and wanting to come back for many more visits. This, in short, is what CFC considers a win. Made possible by its enthusiastic, passionate, and knowledgeable team, it is excited to have the tourism season back in full swing since the brunt of the pandemic; having worked hard to make all its services hygienic and safe for its returning guests, it looks forward to seeing what new opportunities its 3rd decade in operation will bring. Since its remodel in 2019, it is additionally looking forward to expanding itself further. Opening a new restaurant in the Eagle’s Nest pizzeria – located at Cape Fox Lodge proper with traditional and gourmet pizzas – it is pleased to announce the tram system that now easily and quickly takes guests to the main area for shopping, with easy access to the surrounding city. As ‘Alaska’s first city’ and the ‘Salmon Capital of the World’, there is surely a lot to explore in Ketchikan, and so CFC is confident that there will always be something new for a client to immerse themselves in! Thus, it looks forward to welcoming new and familiar faces alike back through its doors as it continues to grow, develop, and improve in the coming years. Company: Cape Fox Corporation Contact: Heather Kaiser Website: Page 17 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 Working as a private chef in Ibiza, Mobile Comfort Food is a mobile bar and BBQ caterer serving the entire island of Ibiza with impeccably realized and delicious comfort food, improving the holiday of every guest who it serves. Always ready with a warm smile, delicious food, and a cold drink, its culinary excellence is no secret, and is something it wishes to share with many more people as it moves forward into the bright future that is surely ahead. Mobile Comfort Food Best At-Home Mobile Bar & Catering Business - Ibiza Aug22352 Despite the tumult that the Covid-19 outbreak has had on both the hospitality and tourism industries, Mobile Comfort Food is a company that has pushed through it all despite the odds to stand stronger than ever today. Fundamentally, with its predominantly international client base, it is proud to say that it has been in operation and in great demand since it opened in 2016, allowing holidaymakers to experience the fantastic and numerous positives of having a private chef operating in their villa or holiday home. In this way, it is dedicated to consistently delivering a memorable experience with an identity shaped by its outstanding quality of product, service, and delivery. Indeed, prizing itself on the hugely frontrunning service that it delivers as standard, many of its guests become regulars – and even friends – for whom it knows all their dietary needs, restrictions, and tastes, serving each person as an individual first and customer second. In operating in this way, it makes itself an expert in ‘catching the flow’ of its guests, adapting quickly so that it may provide the most suitable service possible, from times of meals to quantities and styles. Smartly turned out in black shorts and branded white polos, founder Linda Engels and her, usual female, team always make a good first impression. Moreover, each of them works hard to deliver the most impeccable culinary service, and clients have even remarked their surprise when Linda and the team bring in their own BBQ and Paella cooking station, with which they can create the most delicious, timely, and satisfying dishes. Requiring empathy, sensitivity, and intuition to do this effectively, Linda hires people who have a true commitment to client care and a sunny disposition rivalled only by the sun-drenched shores of the island itself. Consequently, Linda responded to this demand with its daily breakfast service at the upscale design ‘The Rock’ villa. Having started this service in 2017, Mobile Comfort Food soon became inundated with requests, and thus Linda herself still serves this breakfast at The Rock, where her team have taken over the other services that respond to client needs all over the island of Ibiza. As to what’s next for Mobile Comfort Food, it is very happy with how this year is gone, looking forward to using this excellence as a springboard to further success, broadcasting the talent and tenacity of its staff and updating the menu in time for a brand new season in 2023. Company: Mobile Comfort Food Contact: Linda Engels Website: Mail: [email protected]